Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teddy O'Connor's full sister: Sneak peek

Doggone it! This was supposed to be Tuesday night's entry! For those of you who caught my accidental posting, sorry I retracted it for a bit. Oh well. She looks HEALTHY doesn't she? Chubbiest event pony I've ever seen! Breeding is such a crap shoot -- hope she follows Teddy's footsteps.


  1. She goes steady, and I sneaked a peek at her going cross-country. We'll have to wait and see how far this mare will be able to move up the ranks. Bays tend to be steadier than chestnuts.

  2. Do you know her height?

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  3. Patricia Wynn Norman, the breeder, really has a special gift for breeding special horses.

  4. The Equus Ink blog has moved! I'd love to have you join us at our new location!

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  5. Thanks Equus Ink -- I'll check it out and update the link on my blog...

  6. I remember P. Wynn posting old videos of Teddy - he was pretty chubby in his earlier days too! I wonder how she'll change as she grows up.


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