Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Text message abbreviations for horse lovers

I'm not really big on texting, but I seem to be alone in this. The barn where I ride has teens and young adults, and it's always amusing to see their silhouette in the barn aisle, head bowed, thumbs poised. If you didn't know they were texting you'd think a) they had learned to sleep while standing or b) they were praying -- and with the fences I've seen some of them jump, that at least seems appropriate.

Anyway, if I did text a lot here are some of the text abbreviations I think horsewomen could use...

SSABSorry, still at barn (for spouses)
OHTL8ROn horse, talk later?
3LLThree legged-lame
VVVet visit
VV$Emergency vet visit
ASTM?Are you wearing your helmet? (for moms)
Talking to trainer
WWJD?What would Jane Savoie do?
RUMOR?Are you mucking or riding (and therefore can't talk)?
PICTPawing in cross ties
BOTBoarder on tirade
Which shoe is missing
W84FWaiting for farrier
ChamporChump?How did it go at the horse show?
Ch& (or RCh&)Champion or Reserve Champion
JSNFJudge was so not fair!
R, RR, or RRROne, two, or three refusals
STAR!Stop texting and ride!
Okay, those are mine -- What are some more? Have you used them in texting?


  1. Hilarious! I can definitely put some of those to use.

  2. fun! i have a horse loving friend and i will send her a link to this post.

  3. No, no, you are SO not alone in NOT texting!! LOL... Heck, I don't even *gasp* Own A Cell Phone.... ;)

    This was HILARIOUS!!! Absolutely fantastic job!

  4. Those were great! I have become a texting addict but I'm nowhere near as good as the young'uns. I still actually use punctuation. How about these to add:

    HGL/BRB - horse got loose/be right back

    LFLGTG - late for lesson, got to go!

  5. I do not text. I am an English teacher. The language is sacred to me. *JK* Actually I keep seeing it showing up in student compositions. So far, I've been able to figure out what they are saying.

    Seriously, I don't text. No need, no purpose. Besides, my thumbs would cramp up.

  6. Ha. I love these.

    I do my best to not text at the barn...it's distracting! Besides, half the time my cell phone is in my jacket pocket, and the jacket's hanging over the arena wall since I got too hot while riding ;)

    I don't know, Jean, texting can be pretty convenient. My dad works on the campus where I go to college, for instance - if he needs to check in to see if I'm planning on tagging along with him for lunch, he can just send me a text that I can read at my leisure, instead of calling me while I may or may not be in class!

    Speaking of class, I have a rather large history paper to finish...sigh. Time for me to trudge back to good old Microsoft Word.

  7. Chamorchump? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  8. GLYA - Gone Lame Yet Again

    WCIFF - Won't Come In From Field
    CC - Can't Catch

    GTTS$$$$ - Gone To Tack Shop

  9. Funny. :)

    I'm a young adult, or I'd like to think so still. I don't text. I only got a cellphone after family purchased one for me, because they were concerned for me riding young horses alone. I keep it in my pocket, turned off. But I do admit to calling my husband to ask if I should pick up milk on occasion. Hehe

    The barn a I board at has a no-phones-while-riding policy.

  10. These are great! I don't text, but I still love them.

  11. That's funny! I can't text much either, and when I do it takes me like 5 minutes to text 3 words!

  12. these are fantastic,I'll def have to pass these along and gemma and solitare mare your additions great!!!! this will keep me chucling every time I txt,thanks!

  13. Ha!

    I don't use any of those to text, but I do text a lot, mostly to barn people!


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