Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BTB, Party of eleven? See you at Rolex!

It looks like our Rolex dinner will be a healthy party of eleven including me (but it's not too late to sign up!). The plan so far:

UPDATE! New Restaurant! Ramseys Diner on 496 E. High Street, 7pm Saturday (the other restaurant below would not take our reservation). UPDATE!
Cheapside Bar and Grill, 8 miles from KHP, 7pm Saturday. It has a good selection, and a light menu for those of us who are hell-bent on returning to their birth weight. I'm on my way to my weight loss goal, having lost about 5 lbs. Hope everyone is psyched for Rolex, and to Saturday evening! I know I am.

Attendees so far:
Kelly, area code 859, party of 2
Cate, area code 502, party of 2
Christel, area code 715, party of 2
Becky, area code 864, party of 3
Stacey, area code 610, party of 2



  1. I am sad I cannot join you all! My barn owner/manager (Harris Heights) will be an outrider at the event. Her name is Ashley Harris. Feel free to say hello if you get a chance!

    Have fun y'all!

  2. How does one get to be an outrider? We always enjoy watching the variety of horses and riders...


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