Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nanotechnology innovations for horses

Nanotechnology is having a dramatic impact on our world, and on human and equine medicine. A number of new horse and pet products use nanotechnology, and over time I've run across a few equine consumer-oriented nano innovations. Thought I'd share...

Nano fabric for horses and riders

Nano paint for horse barns

Nanovations, an Australian company, has developed a paint coating which clears up the air in stables. The paint reduces the risk for horses from cough allergies and lung diseases. The paint has been tested as emission free. Even if a horse would chew on a painted surface, there is no reason to believe that some mechanism within the horse could separate the particles from the adhering paint molecules. A high pressure cleaner can be used to maintain the surface and to make sure dirt build-ups are removed. At the moment the paint comes with a 5 year warranty against fungus and mildew. Theoretically the paint should remain this function forever.

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  1. Sounds more Austrian (not Australian) to me!!


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