Sunday, March 22, 2009

Real housewives of New York: Equestrian episode

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Real Housewives of New York. I'm especially intrigued by the affluent folks of New York, in part because unlike the Atlanta and Orange County shows, some of these women do seem to actually work. Even so, it's clear that the NYC socialite's world is indeed very different from mine.

Horses are usually featured somewhere in the 'real housewives' series. In an Orange County episode, a mom tells the camera she is impressed that her daughter can guide a "powerful Friesian" around a jump course. Needless to say, the unfeathered bay jumper with white socks is not a Friesian, and I laugh cattily.

I'm hoping you'll enjoy this clip of one of the housewives at the Hampton Classic...


  1. I too am ashamed to admit I watch the "Housewives" on Bravo :) No envy as they might assume, just astonishment :) And this gal...CANNOT RIDE....needs to go back to basics...QUICKLY...NO SEAT AT ALL. Very embarrassing for her though frankly I did chuckle with an element of astonishment as I watched her ride! I'm no Olympian but had a better seat at age 12 and can still kick this gal's butt and am now 51 :)!!!!

  2. These "women" are completely clueless! Hard to see how good the riding was, but the fences weren't too big and that horse looked "pushbutton," so it's not easy to judge.

    The rest? Well the rider was rather rude, actually. Her friend, despite the outlandish costume, did need a greeting and the conversation after, where she walked away to talk to the guy was very in appropropriate. BUT what it totally proved was that the both of them are so self-centered I can't stand it--which explains why I do not watch that show. People all "into themselves" don't entertain me at all.

  3. I need to let Laura know about your blog. She loves horses and she has one too called LB. Lord. All of a sudden I forgot what LB stands for. We usually instant message each other and talk about LB so much and I actually forgot what it was. OMG!!! I have Alzheimer. I need to let my mom know right away.

  4. OMG don't these women ever eat?

  5. The woman (Kelly) is pretty clearly an athletic type but it looks to me like she is just dabbling, for show. The horse looked a little fast and hollow, and she looked out of place on a horse. But aside from maybe a bit too much grip on the reins, I've seen a lot worse. Well, maybe not at the Hampton Classic, but in general...

    I guess I can understand some reality show behavior b/c the people are seeing dollar signs and outlandish behavior gets you on the show. But these women are already affluent -- why would they present themselves this way?

    I do enjoy Britenny (sp) as she seems to be able to take a step back from it all.

  6. I must admit, I did watch two episodes of this show once. It kind of intrigues me because I just can't imagine the world these women live in. It was also the episode where they first introduced Kelly and there were some clips of her riding (and falling). She seems like an example of the big money people who buy fancy, pushbutton horses and do too much too fast. She's not a great rider, but she also hasn't been riding that long. I wish she'd build up a better foundation before going to these major competitions. For her own sake!

    I must admit I was impressed tho; when they first introduced her she was meeting one of the other housewives for lunch ... and had come straight from the barn. And didn't mind admitting it. Even if she isn't the greatest rider, at least she does seem to truly enjoy it.

  7. I have to admit to watching this drivel myself, like a bad wreck you just cannot stop staring at. As a riding instructor, I was also horrified at the sight of Kelly jumping, despite the fact that the jumps looked to be about 2'6". While not a world-class trainer myself, I sat shaking my head as I mentally "fixed" her position flaws. I wonder how often she actually rides outside of showing, and also how much she is paying her trainer for what appeared to be sub-standard instruction. I could remedy all her problems at about 1/2 the price!


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