Friday, March 20, 2009

Two different feet, Part II

For months now I have been looking to replace my aging sport Dansko clogs -- now grey and scuffed with five years of wear. My quest has been fruitless -- until last week. I went to Horseman's Outlet last Friday to get Riley a soaking boot (did I mention he has the mother of all abscesses?), and as I rounded the corner to the horse boot section, the proverbial shiny object -- in this case something in the shoe display -- caught my eye.

To see the "color" line of Dansko, click here...

The photo above does not BEGIN to capture the deep, rich, luminous indigo of these clogs. Technically purple, but not garish, the hue suggests "royal elegance" rather than "Barney the Dinosaur." My dream clogs, at last!

I was dimly aware that a sales lady was hovering in the periphery, and I gave her my shoe size. Within moments those jewel-toned beauties were on my feet. While seated I admired them, turning my ankles this way and that; then I stood and took perhaps seven steps, gazing downward the whole time. Returning to the chair, I removed them placed them carefully back in their box.

Although the sales lady was a study in neutrality, I'm sure she wanted my verdict. I explained that my husband had cautioned me NOT TO BUY ANYTHING non-essential as we're paying taxes out of this month's budget. She nodded with understanding. I placed the lid over the Danskos with the magic purple patina. Then I handed her the box. "So you'll hold these for me at the checkout counter?" "Of course," she answered as if she never doubted -- then she whisked them off to their happy consumer holding area.

It was a true shopper's high.


  1. Love moments like that...when you find something just perfect. They are booootiful!!*G*

    By the by, the German stallion I mentioned in the post below was Cheenook...I spelled it wrong. I did find one video of him in a link but it does not do him justice. Maybe not quite as extravagant as the Dutch horse, but! These horses do not touch the ground.

  2. Cheenook, Holsteiner, 1988-2005. He was trained to Grand Prix but only showed through Intermediare. He was apparently an excellent sire. There is a video of him on YouTube, but make sure it's the right horse.

  3. whoo I have the black patent and I cant bring myself to wear them to the barn, I wear them on weekends and on casual day friday

  4. Some things are truly essential, and hopefully your husband will understand. (Or maybe you can hide them at the barn for a couple weeks?) They're lovely!

  5. My mother just bought the brown toned ones last weekend. ;)

  6. Hide them till next month when the purchase freeze is over.

  7. I love my Danskos...I have three or four pairs, and they're the only thing I wear! I have a bum foot from a horseback riding accident (ha, ha) and Danskos are the only shoes I've been able to comfortably wear all day since then.

  8. I am so jealous! I have been drooling over those very Danskos for a year and the local tack shop I had seen them at is all out. Apparently they were a limited run-can't find them online either. Ah, well-at least my checking account will stay healthier. Enjoy!


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