Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Rolex 3 day resolution and theme song

Blancmange (white jello)
Last weekend we captured Harv's birthday on video. Reliving that day through the video should have been a fun reminiscence. Instead, I found myself cringeing. Geez. Is that what I look like in breeches?

Quel horreur! Je suis un blancmange.

Instead of just slapping the video up on Youtube as usual, I found myself carefully editing out the most gelatinous moments.

Bad news, good news
Well, that's the bad news. I think about losing weight a lot, but when confronted with say, a nice carrot cake, rationalizations have been easy to find. No more. The good news is, I'm now motivated to watch what I eat. Big time! Will sharing a goal with BTB readers compel me to achieve it?

My goal is to lose 8 lbs by the time I to Rolex in Lexington -- April 23. And now, the theme song for Rolex 2009...

By the time I get to Rolex...
(sung to By the time I get to Phoenix)

By the time I get to Rolex I'll be thinner
Cuz my weight chart is now hanging on the door
I'll have a bowl of steam tonight for dinner
"May I see the dessert menu?" Nevermore!

Zara Phillips
When I board the plane for Rolex I'll be skinny
I'll turn down the bag of peanuts and drink TabTM
I'll buy EquissentialTM breeches one size smaller
And the waist will not be rimmed with extra flab

By the time I'm riding Riley I'll be lighter

He won't buckle at the knees when I get on
He'll be pleased that I'm too weak to make him canter
We'll just walk until the dizzy spells are gone

I will stroll about the Horse Park in white breeches
In a halter top for everyone to see
They'll tell me I look just like Zara Phillips
A blogger's dream! Regards, from BTB


  1. You are my long-lost soul sister! I'm small (26 breeches & jeans) and yet in every pic of me in my breeches I see thighs the size of Africa. My husband and friends don't even want to take pictures/video b/c of the backlash. You DO NOT need to lose 8 pounds -- heck not even 2! Keep eating the carrot cake and remember, black hides a multitude of sins (or at least that's what I tell myself). Have fun at Rolex - wish I were going this year.

  2. Cute theme song. Hope the weight loss goes well

  3. If you're a 26 you have no worries -- and Bob hates it when I talk about weight loss. In my life I've taken perhaps a handful of photos that I like and in those I'm pretty sure I was close to an eating disorder (college days).

    I once read a quote that said you can tell a lot about a woman's self-esteem by how many pairs of black pants she owns...

  4. Funny song, good luck with losing weight, I have a lot, lot more to lose to even get into the skinny riding pants. It's hard and not fun but anything is possible if you put your mind to it! :-)

  5. It's so funny that you decided to put this post up. When I saw Harv's birthday video, my first thought was, "oh man, she is so SKINNY! Lucky woman." :) Regardless of that, it's always good to have a goal. Good luck with yours!

  6. Oh, can I ever relate. I look at the tracking and herding pix with my dog and say, "Hey, what a pretty shepherd, and GOOD GOD IS THAT MY BUTT?!" Love the song.

  7. thats bloody hilarious!

  8. Thanks -- I'm not that clever in the humor dept, I felt the song was a personal best for me :-)


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