Saturday, April 4, 2009

Documentary: Horse racing accidents

More about jockey injuries than horses -- but worth watching. After reading the first comment, I should include the warning that it's not a happy video and there is footage of multiple accidents...

Horse Racing Accident Film - The most amazing home videos are here


  1. I really enjoy your blog - but I SO wish I didn't see that video. I didn't make it through more than a few minutes - a few minutes too many! : (

  2. Hi Anon, I just included "warning text" to alert people to the content. There are some videos I can't watch -- graphic footage of animal rescues, for example -- but I didn't think the accidents were shown gratuitously or for shock effect. It's just what happens out there. At any rate, sorry for your distress.

  3. Thank you for this video. Posting it was a public service. The issues of racing horses at a young age and doping to keep them racing needs to have public awareness. Putting safety first is the way to address this! I'm with you on the animal rescue videos but this video is responsible reporting not sordid entertainment.

  4. Thanks for the warning text. I decided not to watch your video, but I did watch the Grand National (just about the most famous steeplechase run annually in the UK) live on TV last Saturday. It is so gruelling that only the best and luckiest horses and jockeys get to finish and there are always many casualties. Every year in the run up I wonder that they continue to allow it, and that people still enter their horses and jockeys still want to compete. But on the day it is so exciting and riveting to watch.

    Sadly this year, as well as a number of falls at the jumps, one horse collapsed and died on the final run in after the last jump. We viewers didn't know it was fatal at the time. The last we saw was the screens put up around it for privacy while the vet attended.

    A very exciting fact was that the trainer of Mon Mome, the unexpected winner, (bookies paid out 100 to one) was Venetia Williams, only the second female trainer ever to win the race.

  5. No 100-1 horse wins a race let alone the Grand National by 12 lengths without let's say enhancement. They had the public doped if you get my drift. Shown by form after the win Mpn Mone cannot win any race.


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