Thursday, April 30, 2009

For a change: BTB features cute guys

Eventers of course! Check out the unbridled cuteness at the RK3DE...

I saw Tim Lips warming up on the first day. My first thought was, "What is he, 12???" He's really 22 or 23, but even in this video below he could pass for 15 or 16...

I guess they're talking about something related to the Horse Park, I wasn't really listening...


  1. Wow. He does look young.
    He'll be glad of that 40 years from now. ;)

  2. I wasn't listening either. Cuties with accents who love horses. Sigh, I need to get out of Texas.

  3. When I saw Tim Lips warming up I was perusing the order of go identify him -- but I was looking for female riders. Of course with the trappings of dressage it's hard enuf, and he is a slight, slender guy who frankly doesn't look like he's shaving.

  4. He is cute!! But is he straight? lol

  5. These are EVENT riders -- I'd say the odds are good :-)


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