Sunday, April 26, 2009

Showjumping and People Watching

Well, like I said, the grandstand seats are not up close and personal, but I did my best, capturing 23 year old Ashley Adams and her horse Vaunted. One of the ladies I met at Rolex this year is familiar with her -- she is reportedly a hard worker who has brought her OTTB horse to the four star level herself (with guidance from top trainers in eventing like Kim Severson and Bonnie Mosser). She did a great job every day of this event and she far exceeded Jimmy Wofford's hope that she could produce a "steady, clear round." At her first four star, she was just out of the money at 21st place! Here is her show jumping phase...

One of the highlights, which I wish I'd captured, was young rider Madeline Blackman's clear show jumping round. It was an achievement for a rookie to make it to the show jumping phase, and she was second to last in standings--but she went clear in show jumping! Her elation was visible from the cheapest seats in the house, and she actually seemed to forget where the exit gate was. Bless her and Congrats.

I also did some people watching and put together a little montage, but Youtube MESSED IT UP. Well, not really, but I used their pause annotation feature w/o realizing that it pauses the music. Sort of ruins the effect. Next time I'll use iMovie or something else. Here it is anyway...

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