Friday, April 10, 2009

Thoroughbred toughness: Ink's story

I ran across this video on the blog Equus Ink the other day. Ink is blogger Keri's horse, a thoroughbred. She found footage of him in this Hollywood Park race. He won, but it's how he won that makes this beautifully edited video so special.

In her blog Keri expresses a thought that I have often had about Harvey. She writes, "I don't know if I was the best person to get Ink. I wish I knew more for his sake. But I do know that I was drawn to him for a reason, he was sent to me for a reason."
Judging from her blog, and this video, I can't imagine a better person for Ink than her.


  1. Oh! I haved cried with sheer amazment and joy at Ink's BIG Thoroughbred's heart, each time I view this video! What a lovley horse~And what a equaly lovely heart Keri has for him!I am soooo glad they found each other.

  2. What a lovely hunk of horsecake. I cried too. It never ceases to amaze me what horses do for us. I have to go hug my horse now, pot bellied little old man that he is.

  3. This one choked me up a lot. Well done Keri!

  4. Beautiful! If I haven't said it here, I will....I love Thoroughbreds. Ink is one special fellow and Keri is one lucky lady to have found him...and he her.

  5. Just want to add that TBFriends, where Keri got Ink, is an amazing rescue.


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