Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrating the lettter "B": Buddies, bears, and beryllium

Regular readers will already be familiar with Manuel -- er, Skippy, the donkey whose checkered past has been chronicled earlier. No, today's topic is a random walk through the alphabet, a celebration of the letter "B."

We'll start with Bear, the thoroughbred pictured next Skippy in the bucolic snapshot I took today (Saturday). Bear and his owner -- my buddy Pat -- moved to Harv's barn, and I'm very glad! As one of very few boarders who ride in the evenings, it'll be nice to have another after-work rider. Ah, someone to ride with on the beautiful summer nights. How I love this season.

You'll read a little about Bear in my next post-- he banged his head recently and prompted me to write about brain-injured horses (part II coming tomorrow). But here is a little amuse bouche (okay, it's a stretch) about him -- his show name! His original barn name was Bear, and Pat happens to be a chemist. Combining Bear with her background in chemistry, she came up with the uber-cool name Beryllium.

Beryllium: A Briefing
So here's what they call a teachable moment. Beryllium is a chemical element (metal), found in mineral rocks called beryl. Gem-quality beryl includes emeralds (beryllium/chromium) and aquamarine (beryllium/iron). Pure beryllium is stronger than structural steel and has a high melting point. It's used in making aircraft parts as it's lighter weight than aluminum.

If you're thinking "wow, what a random post" you're pretty much right. It's Sunday, and my thoughts are wandering pleasantly. "B" also stands for boring, huh? And banal. This is quite possibly my worst post ever.


  1. Not really the worst post ever. Kind of clever, actually. I like the origin of Bear's name for sure. Hope he lives up to the strength it evokes.

    For some reason I tend to be an evening rider too. Don't know why as on the non-work days, I have lovely morning times to ride and just don't tend to take advantage.

  2. I agree, it's not a bad post at all!! In fact it caught my attention when many other blogs today have not. Have a great day!!

  3. I actually enjoyed your post! And yes, I enjoyed the teachable moment, just wander away whenever you want...what will you do with "K?"

  4. I enjoyed the post too. Probably because as a breeder, I am always looking for fun, interesting, different but relevant names. It does become harder over time!


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