Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FITS breeches review: The shopper's high continues

Can you stand to hear more about the FITS (fun in the saddle) breeches?

Awesome breeches, to be sure...
When I was at Rolex, I visited the Gallop Saddlery booth. The custom boots with rhinestones (featured in the trade show video) drew me into the store, but no one had to twist my arm to try on several pairs of FITS breeches. The staff were super-nice, not pushy at all, and they really seemed to understand what women want (as far as breeches go). The fabric was soft as silk but strong as denim, and I could not stop stroking it. I ignored the price tags as long as I could, but finally I peeked. Alas, the total was $265 for the breeches and shirt. With a heavy heart, I signed up for their mailing list, returned the items to the sales lady, and left the store without my dreamy outfit.

A shopping miracle
After leaving the shop, I walked forlornly down the aisle, passing booths on either side of me. The crowds were distracting me from my sulking. Looking up to avoid a cluster of teens, I glimpsed a familiar color palette in the corner of my eye--Navy, Black, Earth, Espresso and Sahara. There, in a nearby booth, radiating light and flanked by seraphim, was a rack of FITS breeches and tops -- on sale. The sign said:

Buy a pair of breeches for $169
and get the top of your choice free.

Lo and behold, a bona fide shopping miracle! As far as I could tell these were the same FITS breeches and top I'd tried on earlier. Riffling through the rack I found my size and sprinted to the dressing room. Yes, they fit! The breeches and top seemed identical to the ones I left. The cashier assured me that the price was correct. I snapped 'em up.

Anyhoo, now a review!
The earth tone breeches and top I bought are pictured above. And if you read my earlier post, you know Gallop Saddlery called me a few days after I returned home to inform me I'd won a pair of FITS breeches (the mailing list was also a drawing). That pair, which I'm getting in black, is en route. I've ridden in the earth tones three times, once in 90 degree weather and twice in 60 degree weather. The verdict:
  • The waistband does not roll -- hallelujiah! That's two breech-related miracles!
  • The waist hits at just the right place, not embarrassingly low-rise or up to the armpits, but right around the old belly button.
  • Front seams that slant inward (see image at right) accentuate curves, or give the illusion of curves for girls like me
  • Fabric with a lot of body/structure (for coverage) but also a lot of stretch (for comfort)
  • A layer of wicking fabric inside. On 90 degree days I normally wear my Tropical Riders, and sweat down the center of my back, leaving an embarrassing dark line down my posterior. Not so with the FITS fabric -- enough thickness to absorb and wick away moisture, and they dry amazingly fast.
  • Sheds dust, hay, straw--brushes off easily. A damp cloth returned my breeches to their pristine state.
  • Deerskin is naturally sticky, and sometimes too sticky! The perforations in FITS deerskin seems to soften the feel a bit, so that my seat and thighs move more freely and my weight can slide down into the saddle for a deeper feel.
  • I got the pull-ons but front zips are available. Pull-ons are comfy but the belt loops and structured design make it suitable for shows (white of course). Pull-ons normally aren't show-worthy in my opinion.
I'd love to see the breeches in more colors -- a slate blue/gray, a darker taupe, and maybe contrasting color deerskin? Perhaps an extended patch version of the same breech. But if you can swing it financially, they are worth the money, and they have more to offer than the deerskin breech competitors. If it's too much for your budget, keep your eye's peeled on Ebay,, Craigslist, or other online tack sites.


  1. Thanks for the review!!

    Lucky you, winning a pair! That would have made my trip to Rolex, even with the airline delima. ;)

    So they have a 'sticky' seat like the Kerrits sticky seat breeches?

  2. Great review of the FITS breeches. The ladies from Gallops are buddies of mine and they definitely know their stuff!

  3. In my opinion they are not as sticky as the Kerrits which I feel are too sticky -- the synthetic Kerrit patches actually stick so much to the saddle the fabric rubs your skin raw. Deerskin is hard on the budget but darn near perfect in terms of feel/tackiness. The perforated deerskin is perhaps even a little less sticky than smooth deerskin, so that it is easy to move/shift your position but there is still enough grip to make you feel secure in the saddle.

  4. Thank you for the detailed review! It sounds like they are worth the big bucks. :-) *eyes peeled*

  5. I really like my deerskin winter breeches; tropical rider. Deerskin is pricey but after trying it, I cannot imagine riding in anything else. I need to try the FITS now thanks to your review.

  6. I bought a pair of FITS, but only wore them a few times because the placement of the sticky seat patches results in the dreaded camel toe. Beware the camel toe!

  7. Sarah what the heck is that?

    And what size are they :-)?

  8. Been looking at the FITS. Thanks for the review. I will wait for a sale, though. I don't need new breeches....I don't need new breeches...I don't....maybe if I keep saying it? *G*

  9. I had a pair left on my desk at work (gotta love working for a horse-product company) and have been riding in them for the last week! I'm afraid to take a day to wash them (gross I know, but hey, it's just me at the barn).

    Great, great breeches -- keep you eyes peeled for the release of the ThinLine inserts to go in them!

  10. Stacey - I tried on a pair of those Kerrits and boy that seat was sure sticky. But never rode in them, but I could imagine they could be a bit much. I'll keep the FITS in the back of my mind. Maybe I'll get lucky and find them on sale.. ;)

    Jean - A girl can never have too many breeches! ;) They are like good shoes or purses, but for the horse person, you know?

  11. Appreciate the good reviews for both Gallops and FITS.

    The Gallops crew are all active horsewomen and know their stuff. Glad to see a local business doing so well.

    I know Sheryl -- the woman behind FITS. Wife, mother, and horse lover. She's a sweetie and I'm so happy to see her dream take off.

  12. Appreciate the review; always good to hear what people think before you dive head first into a purchase. I gotta say, though, I've been making a lot of purchases for my baby with the coupons Absorbine has been promoting.

  13. FITS are so cute...I met the owner of the company a few months ago and it is a great business to support! Really cool horse loving business woman who went out on a BIG limb with a great product. I have one complaint with them and that is for a shorter rider (I am 5 foot 2) they are WAY too long. The owner of the company told me to just cut them and promised me they wouldnt roll or fray but honestly, I cant spend $200+ on breeches and take scissors to them :P
    However, I am VERY envious of all my tall friends who CAN wear these breeches because oh my my my do they do a booty good :)
    They also make REALLY adorable show shirts too in cute colors and patters, were those at Rolex as well?

  14. They had some colorful/patterned shirts, gorgeous fabrics, that could be worn under a jacket I suppose. I got the more casual shirt, personally would wear plain white b/c that's what I currently have. I don't show often enuf to justify more than one shirt. Wish I did!

  15. I am a BIG lady and love the way FITS fit - I don't ride in anything else. I am between large and extra large - so I have been buying both sizes over the past two and one half years - The price has been creeping up but never the breeches. Keep your eyes on e-bay and The Hitching Post Tack Shop - they have some of the best prices. And don't be afraid to buy seconds when available from FITS on ebay - I just purchased two of the extended knee zip and they looked perfect to me.

  16. I know this is an older article, but I couldn't help but to comment on this. I am 5'3" and short waisted, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE FITS. The freedom of movement you get when riding in these in incomparable to any full-seat breeches I've ever ridden in. They are worth every single penny! It has the perfect amount of tack/stickiness and breathes like a dream. I, however, like Nicku, do have an issue with the length (I wish she made them in Short!) and sometimes do have a bit of an issue with the waist band digging into my kidneys/lower back (again, I am VERY short waisted... something like 13" from nape of neck to natural waist, when most people are 15-17" LOL), I've lost about 15lbs since I last rode in my FITS, so I have a feeling the waistband won't be an issue anymore :) Despite the above, I will never wear another brand, they are absolutely divine!


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