Friday, May 15, 2009

Freckled Friday: Chamfron Stud's birthday girl

I sometimes peruse the Chamfron Stud blog (farm in Scotland that breeds appaloosas) -- the author was one of my first contacts in the blogging world. And today when I checked their site, I ran across this this sweet-faced and nicely marked yearling. Amber recently celebrated a birthday, and Riley has one coming up, which is enough of a reason to post a pic. What a cutie!

Amber (aka "Chamfron Snow Angel") who was a year old on the 6th of May
This blog has been created to highlight the activities and progress of CHAMFRON STUD. We are a small stud near Gretna in Scotland producing horses that will do a job! Be that jumping, polo, hunting, western, endurance or family friend, with the added bonus of being a little bit special colour wise!

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6 May 2008

Chestnut near leopard filly by Exbury Ghost out of Carter Bar.

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  1. Thanks for the Freckled Friday! I'm a bit partial to our spotty friends, and its always fun to see american breeds that are a rarity in Europe!

  2. What a cutie.

    I have mixed feelings about Appy's. I have, unfortunately, met more bad ones than good ones over the years. BUT, as time has passed, I am now pretty well convinced I met more BAD owners than horses.

  3. What a wonderful blog! I've added that to my list. I love the way she writes. Don't you wish you could go visit and play some polo?
    By the way, in a newsletter from a TX horse rescue, I saw a horse that I swear is a palomino appy.

  4. Thanks so much - what a lovely surprise!!!!

  5. heh. . I'm not usually a appy (or paint) person, but I would grab that horse in a heartbeat ;) I think the main thing that turns me off to spotted horses is the lack of good conformation, or a quarter horse-type conformation. Probably the only paint line that I have liked before seeing this baby is the Art Deco horses (but then again, who wouldn't like that bloodline. . )


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