Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm loving Lyle Lovett

The guy is just class all the way, and this video is no exception. Lyle tells us about the significance of the horse in Texas history and the economy, and then he speaks out in support the Texas Horse Tradition Preservation Act. And doesn't it sound like a great idea in this video?

As the video briefly mentions, the proposed legislation would place video lottery terminals at some racetracks, and the proceeds of the terminals would fund programs to strengthen the horse industry, such as larger purses at races and programs and events centered on Texas horses and horsemen. Yep, that's right. It's basically expanding gambling in Texas.

I'm not a fan of gambling, but everyone seems to agree that Texas is losing out to surrounding states (e.g., Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico) that
  • offer incentives (like big purses) to draw horsemen to their competitions
  • provide gambling opportunities that entice Texas citizens across state lines to spend their dollars
Sigh. As a horse lover, it seems to me that the positives outweigh any negatives. If ya can't beat'em...


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  1. The horse racing industry in New Jersey was very instrumental in helping to fund the New Jersey Horse Park years ago. The Park is now a major equestrian venue.

    I think the big topic here is still whether to put slot machines at the race tracks. Kind of working it the other way around to bring more gamblers to the tracks to support them so they, in turn, can do good deeds for the State's horse industry.

    Not keen on gambling myself, but even in a bad economy it seems to bring in money.

  2. I'm glad he mentioned adopting programs in the video.

  3. Hmm. In'ersting...Being a Texan, I wasn't really aware of this. One thing I can say is, Good luck in getting this past our Tx legislature right now. They are duking it out over voter ID bill and may have to go into special session. Although the last I heard, I think it was defeated (yea!)
    You can't have any kind of psa in TX (be it political or otherwise) w/0 TX hero music and cowboys and horses.
    It will be interesting to see where this goes because I suspect the religious conservatives in the state aren't going to care as much about horses as people going to hell. (You realize I'm being facetious.)

  4. Kitty Bo, so glad to get a Texan's perspective! I was curious reading some of the articles which referred to religious right (which appears to be most of Texas) hurting the chances of the bill.

  5. Yes, and our gov. Perry is right in there w/ them. All the political ads have hero Tx music and the candidate wearing a cowboy hat and look out over the wide open spaces w/ a horse close by. At our roots, we're a horse culture, but unfortunately those roots are tied up w/ religion. I'm a Christian, but let's say a born again, born again Christian--born again OUT of the Christian right.
    I think a lot of horses are seen more as tools, means to an end. They have served the cowboy well. Now if he would just return the favor.
    Lyle needs to ride this hard and get publicity, but I fear it may be a lost cause. I don't know where Kay Baily Hutchison stands on this. The CR is already suspicious of her because she has more liberal views on abortion. This issue may not make it anywhere until after the next gubernatorial election as it would be too hot handle. Can't risk offending the voters.


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