Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tagged! Blogger code for "But enough about you..."

Red Molly
Wiola of the Freelance Instructor's Diary tagged me with a list of questions to answer. It's fun to respond, but I'm not sure if it's riveting to read. If you DO read it, and if you're the first answer the trivia question that appears in one of my answers, you'll get a BTB pen! Woo. Woo.

Okay, I'm tagging A Bay Horse, Five O'Clock Somewhere, and On the Bit! The rules are (roughly), answer all questions, replace one, and tag 8 more people. I tend to follow rules only partially, so I'm only tagging 3. If you feel inspired please respond and link to your responses in comments.

Here goes..

1. What are your current obsessions?

Riley's training, dieting, and Riley's feet. In that order out of sheer will power (feet want to be first).

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
My black Dansko clogs. The magical purple ones are worn only when there is no forecast for rain and/or no threat to their well-being. The left clog already has a small scuff :-(

3. What's for dinner?
A bowl of steam. And popcorn later if I'm good. Now at -11 lbs...

4. Last thing you bought?
A pair of cargo pants for Bob, $8.94 at Target. They look amazing on him. I love a good shopping find.

5. What are you listening to?
On my shuffle I have Red Molly, Jolie Holland, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Michelle Shocked, Chris Smither -- those artists, and also You're just too good to be true by Frankie Valli (one day to be made into a dressage freestyle).

Annie Dillard quote
(click to enlarge)

6. If you were a God/Goddess who would you be?
I don't want to be a God/Goddess, but wouldn't mind a superpower: flying. I would never want to be able to read people's minds.

7. Favorite holiday spots?
Here's a shocker -- the Rolex 3 day event! Which I guess would be Kentucky Horse Park. But I also would love to go to Ireland and New Zealand/Australia. In July Bob and I are going to Oregon to see his cousin, which will be lovely.

8. Reading right now?
Currently I'm reading...

Dewey: The small town library cat who touched
the world
by Vicki Myron
Recently I've read:
The Maytrees by Annie Dillard
Home by Marilynn Robinson

9. Who or what makes you laugh until you are weak?
In no particuar order...

  • Our cats, and my horses, just being themselves.
  • Bob's offhand witticisms. He has schtick that gets a little old (I tell him this!), but his comebacks and off-hand remarks knock me flat sometimes.
  • Ghostbusters. What a classic.

10. Who's your Hero/Heroine?
Jane Smiley (author). Sophie Scholl. Ralph Nader.

11. What's the thing that always makes you smile?
The thought of Harvey nibbling an apple or carrot. His contentment is so thorough, the pleasure so undiluted. He knows how to live!

12. Favourite Film?
These are not the best films I've seen, but my favorites.

13. Care to share some wisdom?
Some wisdom from friends...
  • "The people you love will disappoint you. And you'll disappoint them. You have to learn to forgive."
  • "We compare our inner feelings to how other people appear. Remember how different the two can be."
  • "Always be ready to live out of your car."

14. If you were a tree, which one would you be, and why?
I don't want to be a tree. The tree I'd most like to sit under is a willow.

15. Name fictitious characters who made a lasting impression on you.
Roberta Muldoon. Name the novel s/he came from to win a BTB pen!!!

16. Four words to describe yourself.
Smarter than I seem. :-)

Okay, I'm tagging A Bay Horse, Five O'Clock Somewhere, and On the Bit!


  1. A Thousand Acres?

    Fun to read all the info. And to know that someone else obsesses about horse feet. :)

  2. I'm probably not the first, but: The World According to Garp... :)

  3. "World According to Garp," but I already won a beautiful pen, (which arrived today, so THANK YOU!!) so leave me out of the running on this one.

    Tag is fun, but I never have any answers for the questions. I do not really have many "favorites" of anything. Eleven pounds down!! I am impressed. I surely hope Riley will appreciate all the sacrifices you are making for him. *S*

  4. You will love "Home" - I hope you had the chance to read "Gilead" - it's one of the best book I've ever read. "Brother From Another Planet" - LOL!

  5. Fun answers.

    My Danskos used to be black . . . many miles ago . . .

    Have you heard about this?

  6. Laura Dotson-Thomson and Striving for Savvy, you are the winners! SFS, I can't reach you (your profile is private), but you can email me at behindthebit@gmail.com if you're interested. I just need a mailing address.

    Those who guessed Thousand Acres, was that not an amazing book?

    Kate, I was hooked on Marilynne Robinson after reading Housekeeping. She's someone that I would love and hate to meet. She's on such a pedestal in my book (so to speak).


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