Saturday, August 8, 2009

Edamame beans: A testimonial

I'm not a health fanatic but I like soy products -- well, not soy milk, but tofu, roasted soy beans, etc. So how can it be that edamame beans (a particular type of soy bean) have not been a part of my culinary experience until now? They're like an elite version of lima beans, a tad crunchier, more appetizing, and super by themselves or in salads. The real kicker is their nutritional value.

You aren't going to click on that link are you? Okay I'll just tell you, a 100-gram serving of the beans has...

  • 125 calories
  • 12 grams of protein
  • 13 grams of carbohydrate
  • 3.5 grams of fat.
  • Lots of calcium and phosphorus
  • Lots of vitamin A.
  • Tons of phytoestrogens, a natural plant estrogen.

I buy them frozen, and here's a tip -- buy them shelled. Some people enjoy sucking the beans out of the pods (no comment) but the pods are tough and stringy. Maybe you enjoy shelling your food at the table, but if you don't buy shelled, fresh or frozen. Anyway, microwave frozen beans for 45 seconds (not as long for fresh), add some lemon, salt, and pepper, and it's a meal. Imagine the possibilities if I actually cooked!


The rise, and rise, and rise of the Edamame bean
from the UK's the Mail Online

Edamame from Wikipedia

Edamame bean salad

Three bean vegetable chili

Edamame and black bean salad

Edamame crostinin appetizer


  1. I will have to look for those. I am always interested in new veggies, especially crunchy ones.

    Bet they'd be a good base for a bean salad. Cut up some thin onions, maybe a bit of celery, use a bit of olive oil (Tablespoon or so.) Salt, pepper, garlic (I use Adobo), oregano or dill, just a tiny bit of sugar (brings out the flavor) then vinegar. (half as much as the oil.) Takes all of about 10 minutes max and you have a tasty little salad to put on a bed of lettuce or just use as a side dish.

  2. My eldest daughter loves these. We just never get the pronunciation right!

    Edamommie is the closest...

  3. Edamame are wonderful - I like them fresh, boiled in the pods and then salted - you just pull the beans out of the pods with your teeth - it's actually fun! The frozen shelled ones are a good substitute for fresh - and they do make a good salad.

  4. The whole fun of eating them is squirting them out of their pods with your teeth. They are delicious though.

  5. Just be a bit careful about how much soy you consume and what kind. There are starting to be reports that some forms of soy aren't as much of a health food as previously believed, especially for women (edamame beans are not a problem!). I try to stay away from the really far out diet reports, but this one appeared in BusinessWeek:

  6. We love edamame around here, though I prefer it in the pod. My kids love eating it that way. After my seven year old tried it, every night when she said her prayers, she asked for God to let her have more edamame the next day.

  7. So I'm in the minority on the question of shelling the beans -- not surprising, I never liked to work for my food :-)


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