Sunday, June 14, 2009

A fashion breakthrough at the Dutch championships

In a pretty big upset, Edward Gal and Totilas won the 2009 Dutch Championships on June 9. Judges were unanimous in scoring Edward Gal and Totilas higher (86.7) than the nearest rival, Anky Von Grunsven/Salinero, who scored 84% or thereabouts.

On the fashion front, Gal is sporting a daring choice of coat color (well, if buff can be considered daring) as he and Totilas lay down an amazing freestyle ride. The Jurga Report gives the coat a big thumbs up:

"Gal rode wearing a new buff-colored coat with contrast piping to enhance the horse's coloring. Dressage coats are traditionally dark colors and the light color with contrast piping really helps embolden the dark horse's frame."

You can see the coat a little bit on the left. I just love contrasting piping, and generally the contrast ofa light coat on a dark horse looks pretty fetching. Anyway, there are a couple of videos of these fantastic rides.

To see all three rides...

To see them on a larger screen click here...

Or just view the youtube video of just Edward and Totilas...


  1. Talk about controlled power. Totilas obviously ate his Wheaties before that performance:)

  2. Glad you share my taste in men's clothing! I've always had a thing for piping. A pretty amazing package, both horse and rider, and I'm so glad you found more great videos of them! I could watch them all day.

  3. Wow! I loved that ride. What was really nice was that Totilas looked so relaxed. There was none of that "I am on the edge of an explosion" I so often see.

    And the coat does look nice.

  4. I thought it was a risky move for the rider too, not just on the fashion front (ahhhhh someone broke TRADITION in dressage!. I thought the light color also completely distinguished his own frame on the room for error. They both looked wonderful together...and individually. Nice!

  5. I loved that ride. They are SO in sync and a very good example of dressage.

    An evil part of me also very much enjoys that he beat Anky.


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