Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to save money on horses? You're asking ME???

A reader suggested I write about this topic (and I will), but seriously, folks. You're asking me??? When it comes to horses frugality isn't my MO -- just count the number of posts about horsie consumer products. I'm more inclined to argue that horse owners should just reconcile themselves to hemorrhaging money.

I do, however, I have some coping strategies for the loss of big bucks in service of my horses -- here are a few...

"Soft eyes" (the Centered Riding technique). As you're making out checks, for God's sake don't look at what you're writing! Look up, out a window if you can, and adopt the soft, unfocused gaze of someone who was born into great wealth. Can be used when discussing personal finance with spouse.

Half-pass. When someone suggests you attend a pricey clinic with a big name trainer, look doubtful and say "I'll pass." Later change your mind and sign up.

Lunging. How you get the last pair of sale boots in your size.

Bolting. Get to the mailbox first when you're expecting a big bill.

Soft topline. What to focus on when the financial bottom line is depressing.


  1. There was a similar list of "pre-season training prep" that circulated around the endurance listserves a few years back...suggestions include:

    buy a new pair of gloves and throw away the left glove immediately.

    give away $100 bill to the first stranger you meet today. get the idea....

  2. HEEE-LARR-EEEE-USSS....hahahaha.

    I'll put off buying something for "a while" because it's too expensive, and then I'll break and buy it and you know what - I usually love it and the finanances work themselves why not?

    Disclaimer: I'm very fiscally responsible and not in debt (besides truck and student loans) so perhaps this is not the strategy that everyone should use. LOL

  3. Forgot to subscribe to comments

  4. Love the post! I'm going to use the Sally S. technique for riding AND writing checks from NOW ON!!!
    Really made me chuckle....

  5. Very funny. I think.

    If only there really was a way....

    Just had the farrier out. Just had spring shots and Coggins. Just had to buy more Strongid, fly sheets, etc.

    Ouch! I think I'll be "saving money" on groceries.

  6. We have a bumper sticker on our truck that reads: "Driver carries no cash - all spent on horse." Clearly we haven't learned how to economize.

  7. Aarenex, I never saw that, but the glove one fits me to a "t."

    Smells horsey, two words for you -- "Ramen Pride."

  8. Usually I seem to lose the right if you left glove guys and I could get together we'd be all set!!

    My mantra---tack store has BIG sale--"I don't need anything, I don't need anything. I....we'll maybe I'll just go look." *sigh*

  9. So true! LOL!
    Thanks for posting.
    I'm always thinking about what I shouldn't buy (groceries) so I can buy grain, etc.

  10. Just to prove how true it is to hemorrhage money with horses, I manage to do it without actually owning one. Granted, it's on a lesser scale. (I'm a glorified exercise girl.)

    You know, X horse probably would be more comfortable in a Mattes half-pad, and Y horse I'm sure would more freely in that new Herm Sprenger bit...and I need full seats for Z horse, naturally, and I'm not liking how this particular brand sticks, so why don't I buy...?

    I can remember, and imagine, the 'creative financing presentation' one has to do with one's spouse for those of you who own!

    Very funny!

  11. My pets (2 dogs and 1 horse) take the financial place of children.

    Lack of a good local tack store helps curb my spending, some. After all, shipping isn't THAT expensive ;)


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