Sunday, July 5, 2009

Katie Price and "dressage hunk"

For those of you who, like me, didn't know who Katie Price Jordan was before she took up dressage, here is my previous blog article for background info. Okay, I've been known to go slumming for blog material. I'm sorry if it offends your sensibilities. Heck, it offends my sensibilities, but if it helps me do my daily article I'll use it..

Now, check out these recent headlines from a U.K. news source about Katie Price Jordan's marriage breakup:

Katie’s three-hour meeting with hunky dressage coach

At first I thought "hunky male dressage coach"? With the exception of Michael Barisone, I'm not sure how many of those there are, but then I'm in the U.S. And then I found this photo of Katie's dressage coach which is posted to a Web site he apparently endorses, and it's also on his official Web site. I thank my lucky stars the U.S. Olympic dressage riders are just regular guys who don't post glamour shots on their Web sites.

My next thought is, three hours? So what? Three hours at a horse barn is a quick trip -- just ask my husband...

Here's a more "normal" shot of this Gould guy that is now linked with Katie. Katie, who apparently applies makeup with a spatula, is seated left.


  1. Does she dress up/make up like that for every ride? I take it she's one of those DQ types who arrives at the barn to a groomed and tacked horse....maybe even warmed all she ever has to do is get herself hoisted into the saddle.

    OK, OK, so he's not bad looking, but I'm far more interested in the horses and how much he knows about training them...and training riders.

  2. If I remember correctly that picture of Andrew was taken as part of a charity project and published in a Calendar (with famous riders going naked for charity). I'm not a fan of KP at all but think Andrew worked hard for his success and thoroughly deserves it.

  3. Don't give up on peter,you will regret it later .
    Stay away from the dressage hunk its not worth it.
    you and peter just need time out to realize your a match made in heaven . Good luck !!!!!
    keep smiling don't get mean it ages you.

  4. I know she drives everyone nuts, but I love the girl for trying! You clearly missed some of the articles on her looking for someone to give her a million pounds so she can buy a horse that can do both Grand Prix Dressage AND Grand Prix Jumping for the 2012 Olympics.

  5. She sounds pretty "out there" to me. Someone who really knew what it takes to get to the 'lympics would not be so casual about it. As my old teacher used to say, everyone wants instant pudding!

  6. Did someone say dressage hunk??? I see some sort of female got there first...!!!! Quick!!! - I need a divorce attorney, a UK visa, a Fredrick's gift card and a plane ticket!!! AND FAST!!!

  7. If we are comparing her to Paris at least she is able to speak in complete sentences without resorting to baby talk in a pitch only dogs and bats can hear.

    Based on these few clips I think she could be A LOT worse both in riding skills and overall presentation of herself; I mean Kelly whatsherface from Real Housewives makes her look like she is Olympic level material.

    Looks like Marie Claire was grasping at whatever they could to have a reason to use the picture of the intentional-flashing dress and to mention the fact they named one of their kids Princess. Shame on both of them for that!

  8. If only I could be famous enough to feel I could break dress code when riding in a show! The bold black eyeliner style is really in, but I gotta tell ya, it drives me crazy to have even some light eyeshadow on. I don't even WANT to know what it'd be like to be wearing a ton of eyeliner while you're hot and sweaty on a horse. Talk about going blind in a New York minute.

    While I don't think she is an AMAZING rider (check out Jolanda Adelaar, she's a far better rider and just as much of a model as Katie Price) she is fairly good and would like to see her go to the Olympics. If she makes it to the Grand Prix Musical Freestyle finals or something, I'd be questioning the system, but her going to the Olympics would give dressage some much-needed attention.

    As for the "omg she's spending time with a MALE dressage coach" um... it happens all the time.... and this probably was the feature in the "British Inquirer" so they have something to put on the page that was shocking!!!!

  9. Katie Price/Jordan was also 'linked' to Spencer Wilton ... it's just the British tabloids looking for a story. I wouldn't read any truth into it.

    Jean, she's not a DQ, she *was* a glamour model ... more famous for going into and falling out of nightclubs with very little clothing/underwear. Married (now separated) from wannabee pop star Peter Andre.

    She bought herself a multi thousand dollar dressage schoolmaster to get her to the Olympics. She's selling that one to get one that can take her further! It's not like she's a good rider, she rides like a novice! Miaow ;)

  10. Dressage Hunk looks a great deal like my guy (at least in build) actually, cute bum in breeches included. I'd link a pic but he'd probably kill me!

    As for the 3 hours, thats nothing. Also, there are ALOT of male trainers in dressage, as we all know. I know my trainer is always telling me where to put my hiney and/or boobs--non-horsey people reading into that methinks!

  11. Katie Price certainly looks like a star in her equestrian clothing and layers of make-up but her riding is going to have to improve quite a bit before she reaches her goal of riding in the Olympics. C'mon now, girl, hands quiet, heels down and give that horse some leg, make him stretch that stride out. I must say, however, that her dressage coach makes up for everything she lacks!


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