Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Show us your worst hunter/eq pix"

Delaneythehorsegirl started this soon to be legendary thread on the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board. You really should visit this 11 page thread, but here are a few highlights (the ones I consider the winners of this dubious competition). Since the owners posted their pix to COTH, I hope they won't mind me linking to them here. I'll remove them if requested.

BTB Awards first place to
2DE Photography, Dorytuo of COTH

Rider Sandra Donnelly at Rolex

Second Place, COTH's Affirmed Hope

Honorable Mentions to the following
(with their anonymity preserved..

last fence in the jump off
"Always ride to the back rail of the oxer" says COTH contributer

"He hesitated, I didn't"

One reader comments, "How sweet to give your horse
a supportive hug in the middle of a course."



  1. My goodness....been there, done much of that, though not quite all in such spectacular fashion. One of the reasons I am no longer jumping. *G*

  2. Hahaha. Love it! Just because I unfortunately can relate. Gotta hate when you think you see that beautiful "gappy" distance and your horse thinks...not so much and decides to throw in another stide. Ouch! Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Love the supportive hug one, that made me snort and giggle :)

    Great pics. All of them, lol.

  4. That "He hesitated, I didn't" I can relate to.

    I almost felt guilty laughing a little. Part of me laughed and part said, "Ouch!"

  5. LOL, I've bought my share of real estate (so to speak) over the years and I can relate to Five O'Clock Somewhere's comment about asking for the long distance and the horse thinks, "nope, and now you know why my nickname is "Chip".

    Thanks for posting, it was a good Monday chuckle.

  6. if you havent checked out the bad riding blog- you must. You will see soooo many of these, although not posted by the offenders...

  7. Bad riding blog!!!!! How do I not know about this! URL! URL!



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