Friday, July 24, 2009

So long, Oregon vacation

Bob and I were supposed to leave July 29, but I'll be trailering Riley to the vet clinic instead. Three or four years ago we did a whirlwind weekend in Oregon, and we made one of those Scarlet O'Hara "God as my witness" pacts that we would come back and spend more time there. Below are some pix from our last trip.

This year we planned to spend 9 days with Bob's family in and around Portland. Bob's cousin had rented a beach house on Cannon Beach and we were going to drive south on the coast. I was going to visit with one of my blog readers at her farm too! It was going to be a rockin' trip, right down to our favorite foods: beer for Bob and salmon for me.

The good news? Oregon isn't exactly going away, and we can try for another time. I'll miss seeing folks and enjoying their company.


  1. I am so sorry for you that you had to back out of your vacation. That's got to be tough on both of you. Aren't horses great :) Enjoy your holiday adventures at the vet clinic...

  2. Well, at least the clinic has some luxuries. Last wee we arrived in the rig and got parked in by other rigs. As the day stretched on, they offered us a car to go get lunch. The hauler and I laughed when we realized we'd be driving into town in a BMW....

  3. The photos are beautiful...makes me want to visit Oregon.

    Sorry that you had to postpone your trip and hope life provides you a way to realize your trip some time soon.

    I always enjoy my visits to your blog..thank you for sharing.

  4. Not exactly Oregon, but worth the trip...honest. I have every expectation of absolute success with Riley.

    How was the BMW? Hope you picked a suitable place for lunch--to match the car. *lol*

  5. Sorry you're missing the trip - hope the trip to the clinic works out for Riley and you.

  6. On your next trip...plan on trying the SE side of Oregon too!!! ;~)

    Good luck with Riley~~

  7. What lovely pictures! I am pretty much trapped here because of my horse, who has to wear a grazing muzzle. I put him in his run-in 3 times a day and give him hay. During these super hot spells we've had, I leave him stalled during the afternoon, but take him out to go pee, then give him a treat, etc., put him back w/ a little something to eat. Needless to say, I don't go anywhere! My son has offered to take me to Palo Duro Canyon when my husband does a missionery trip to China in the fall, but who would baby sit my horse? Not until we get a freeze...

  8. Kitty Bo,

    Ah, you're right -- some of my friends, devoted and responsible horse owners, keep theirs at home and they don't go away very often. Truthfully few things are enough of a draw that I feel compelled to travel away from the horses, but this trip is one of them. Rolex is the other. There are pluses and minuses to the things we choose (board vs. keep at home), and I suspect/hope that knowing your horses are well cared for is your payoff.

  9. I didn't know Oregon was so lovely. It looks really gorgeous. Hey I saw some horses in one of those beach pics! But yes, it should still be there later on and you can fulfill your pact. ;) Hope all goes well in the meantime.


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