Monday, July 13, 2009

Ulla Salzgeber's very bad day

Ulla Salzgeber's dressage horse Herzruf's Erbe pulled a suspensory while in the ring in Aachen for the CDIO Grand Prix Special on Saturday 4 July 2009. Here is the video footage, which is non-gory, tactfully handled by the rider, but it might be upsetting to some. It was certainly a poignant moment and members of the audience shed some tears. If I could pick someone to model myself after as a rider it would be her. And after seeing this, you have to admire her character and grace in the face of tremendous stress and disappointment.

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  1. I have such respect for riders like Ulla. As soon as she felt the erratic stride, she stopped.

    Apparently, from reports, Herzie's deep flexor tendon was "overstretched" and a three month recovery period is expected.

    Thank goodness it was not a more severe injury.


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