Monday, August 10, 2009

Bandaging Riley: A video tutorial

It's 5:05pm, and I have not yet received my daily phone call from the vet. Today is the day he get's shod with a backwards shoe. I hope they call soon...

So you've seen the pix of Riley's hoof. You knew there had to be video, right? Here is the video tutorial on how to bandage Riley. Bob was videographer as usual. Gore alert, again.

I have now asked the vet several times if a hospital plate can be used. It looks like the ideal kind of wound for a plate, but I think there may be a comfort factor (or some other factor) because it's looking like he won't get one. I'll know when I get that phone call!


  1. Well, that is a lot of work. However, aside from the elastoplast, that is how I wrap a foot for an abscess. However, the square of duct tape was a new one on me. Good idea.

    The Elastoplast stuff is really good as it is super strong and will hold up much better than the vetwrap.

    Interesting that you will not have to be bandaging him for the whole layup time. And, if I heard correctly, not necessarily every day. That will make it all a lot easier on everyone.

    You are going to do just fine through all of this.

  2. Long process indeed but she (vet tech?) said maybe not even a month? At least you can hone your wrapping skills. :)

    What do you do after the wrapping process is over? If he only has to be wrapped for a month or so?

    Sounded like there was a party in the background lol.

  3. Since Riley seems to be doing fine, and there seems to be a hiatus in his training, would you ever want to kind of recap his story to date? I began following it when your blog was counting down to "under saddle" day. How did you come upon him? What are your long term goals? What surprised you/gladdened you/mystified you about his earlier life? Any lessons that the rest of us could use?

  4. I looks like how you would wrap an abcess. Do you have to soak it in anything?

    Riley acted super good for y'all. He didn't look very enthused though!


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