Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hilltop Farm inspection:The crowd goes wild!

No one who attended this inspection would dispute the highlight of the baby horse inspection (ISR/GOV on August 29). The colt Ripken HTF (5/29/09) got a huge reaction from the crowd, and he was the top colt with a score of 8.8. He is a spectacular fellow by Riverman out of a Contucci mare. He's black with white socks but it looks like he will turn gray like dad. A few months ago he was listed on the HTF Web site, offered for 13K. He was off the sales list when I checked tonight (I viewed the cached page). Here is the footage of his "run" along with some footage from other Internet sources...

Ripken, HTF, ISR/GOV inspection

The top filly was Periwinkle by Popeye (Popeye is a pony, the filly is not. To be honest, I was more partial to another nice filly(though there were many) by Wamberto. Wailea (3/11/09) was an amazon beauty by Wambarto and out of a Riverman daughter. Her video will be shared Monday or Tuesday.

Best name of the day also happened to be a lovely foal: Red Umbrella, by Royal Prince out of a Duellglanz mare. Think I have some footage of her...


  1. Hi Stacey! First of all, I love this blog!!! I managed a farm in 2002 whose Holstein mare won at Hilltop and had a blast at the show. I must say though, I am so upset when I see people chasing these babies with plastic bags attached to whips. Aren't we supposed to desensitize these wonderful foals to scary things instead of encouraging them to be afraid of them? That makes me sad:(

  2. Oops, the second video is gone. From what I can see in the first one, he looks more than lovely.

    Nice to see a well bred baby strut his stuff!


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