Thursday, August 27, 2009

I do things part 2: "We have no chemistry"

This is part 2 of "I do things so you'll know better." Again, we're going back to my undergrad years, 1980-84. A dorm mate fixed me up with a graduate student in chemistry who I'd met briefly on campus. She felt we'd get along great, and told me two things:

  1. He's very smart.
  2. He lives in his own world.
I wondered which of those attributes made her think we were compatible.

We were to meet at a local chocolate shop that Friday--a not-quite-blind (nearsighted?) date with a graduate student in chemistry, a guy in his mid-twenties. Ugh. I'm a junior undergrad studying what my pre-med friend called one of the pretend sciences -- psychology. I wondered what on earth we would talk about. In my immature junior year mind, there was only one thing to do that made sense.

Hot date homework?
I studied for my date. Meaning, I read up on chemistry. You will be relieved to know that I was smart enough not to go to an actual chemistry textbook. In a decision that foreshadowed my future career as a librarian, I went to the library and consulted the Readers Guide. Yes, I researched "chemistry in society." Superfund sites, DDT, ozone depletion, blah, blah blah. Let him think I'm homely or immature, but I'll show him I know a thing or two about chemical spills!

Wanna know how things went? Part 3 coming soon!


  1. Aw, come on, no fair baiting us!

    I'd come by to check on you anyhow. No need to add a cliffhanger.

    Kind of funny story, though. I'll try hard to be patient for the ending. *G*

  2. Was the chocolate shop McCord's? They have (had?) the best chocolate malts I have ever tasted!

  3. I think it's so cute that you studied for your date. Somehow, though, I have the feeling that it did not end well...

  4. either it didn't go well, or they're happily married how many years later?


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