Saturday, August 15, 2009

In my dreamworld, I have....

In my dream world I have a horse for sitting trot and one for rising trot. Riley can be my sitting trot horse, and my rising trot horse will be one of the boing-boing babies from the elite foal/mare auction in Verden below! These are my choices, three Quaterbacks and one Sarkozy/Don Schufro. Click on the link to see a few really lovely Sir Donnerhalls too...



Quaterback Junior


Oh, yeah, did I mention the third horse? I need one for Bob to feed treats and handgraze -- that's Harvey!


  1. I'm always impressed how clearly you see Quaterback in his get. They're like peas in a pod, the first few!

    Eldest is taking lessons at a dressage stable, now. She's learning the difficulties of a good sitting trot. Hah!

  2. Lovely babies. Shows what you can get when you breed an exceptional mare to an exceptional stallion. And Janice is right...peas in a pod!

    Now, they need to invent a dressage test where you can switch horses partway through. Trot work on one, and canter work on another?

  3. I'm told that you want to breed QBs to lighter mares. I have heard vague references to 'problems with the front end' of QB offspring, and since we know it isn't that they're not expressive, I assume it is crookedness. Some critics are a bit harsh I think, but there is probably at least some truth to the observations -- no stallion is perfect. Won't it be exciting to see these babies in the show ring someday?

  4. just wondering if you had the sire/dam for Sinka?

  5. sire: Sarkozy Damsire:Don Schufro

    Laurie's Crusader is in there somewhare, the columns don't have headers!


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