Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not Really Riley, Part 1: The one that got away...

Riley is home! He was chipper and bright when I went to the clinic, eager for something to happen (a ride in the trailer, maybe?). He walked into the trailer like he was late for an appointment, and the trip home was uneventful. When I left he munching happily and getting reacquainted with his stall neighbors. We go back in three weeks for a checkup.

Ambarliquid suggested that while we wait for Riley to recuperate I should give a recap of Riley's life. A "Growing up Riley" series. Hmm. Let me think. Sure, why not? Sounds like a good idea to m--

Wait, what's that sound? So mournful, so pained, it's -- why, it's the cries of anguish from friends and acquaintances who have already suffered through my incessant Riley musings and stories.

The Not Really Riley series, installment 1
So here is a 'not really about Riley' story -- its about the horse I almost bought, the also ran. In April 2006, Bob and I took a trip to Asheville NC to see a lovely 3-4 month old gray colt. His gaits were quite nice, he breeding was outstanding, but he had a bit of a spicy personality. The breeder rated him 4-5 on a scale of 10, which isn't exactly dynamite, but temperament was my #1 priority. Also he was just a tad aloof in my book; humans were not on his radar. Here is the footage we took of him.

3-4 Months

On a Friday I told the NC breeder I was interested, but had one more foal to visit that Monday. She agreed to hold him for me over the weekend, and I promised to call her Monday night. That Monday morning, I drove four hours in driving rain to see a breeder with a big red colt in Maryland. I almost called and cancelled because of the weather, but I heard this colt's mom was especially nice. "Sit on your hands," this breeder had told me. "Don't make an offer until you see this one." That was Riley. When I saw him -- well, that's another story -- but I pretty much knew he was the one.

I often thought of the grey colt and wondered what became of him. A few weeks ago I googled his registered name, and ran across some videos on Youtube! He's grown up quite nicely I think. His bloodlines are D-line, like Riley, and this is a late maturing bloodline.

At 2 years

At 3 years

I believe he is for sale. Developmentally he reminds me a little of Riley, a big boy with the right stuff, but lacking in wither development. He doesn't yet have the strength and lift that you see so clearly in his three month video. A good looking boy, though. Hope he finds a good home.


  1. Nice looking kid. I love watching the youngsters strut their stuff.

    But I think the "big red one" was a good choice, particularly that you now know what a wonderful disposition he has. Makes a world of difference.

    Glad to hear Riley made it home in fine form. His recovery is going to be perfect, I just know it.

  2. Good to hear Riley is acting like nothing happened! What a good boy.

    That is a fine looking grey. I hope he gets a good home.

    Riley sounds like he's very attuned to you, so I don't think there's anything to regret!

  3. I was just talking to a friend about buying yearlings, and how they are only worth the "risk" of waiting to see how they turn out if you get that deep down feeling that they are going to be amazing. Glad you held out for the big red one, and tell him Welcome Home from Tucker and me.

  4. Glad Riley made it home safe and sound - good luck with the bandaging/stall rest regime!

  5. I love it that he got into the trailer like he was late for an appointment. I can just see that! Glad he is doing better.

  6. I love it that he got into the trailer like he was late for an appointment. I can just see that! Glad he is doing better.

  7. Personally I like buying yearlings - they never look or act any worse so you only have something better to look forward to!


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