Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Save me!!! A video message from Riley...

Is this one pathetic photo or what? My poor boy! When I saw him I was re-reminded that while surgery is very controlled, it's still quite an assault to the body. Harvey looked like holy h*ll after his sinus surgery (12 years ago). Riley is none too happy about his situation but he is healing well. He's on only one gram of bute per day (his last day on it) and he seems comfortable on his right foot. His tentative release date is August 12. The remaining milestones: he comes off the IV antibiotics tomorrow, and he gets his shoes (set backwards on his feet) on Monday.

Riley sends a message: "I'm SO BORRRRED!..."
I noticed he was back in his old stall. He'd been moved to a new stall on Saturday as he pulled out a rubber strip that had been screwed into the window sill. I asked why he was back in this stall, and she told me he pulled the same strip out of the other stall. The original stall had been fixed, and it was nearer to staff activity. They figured they could keep an eye on him better there.

Debriefing on the surgery
It's surprisingly hard to get a description of the surgical site. I asked to be present for the bandaging but could tell the staff were not terribly comfortable with that. The tech described the wound site as best she could, and my very poor artist rendering is on the right -- actually I suspect the removed section is wider at the base than is depicted here.

Stall rest
Riley will be on stall rest (with hand walking) until the top of the wound grows down below the pedal bone (an inch or so from the base of the hoof. Also, part of the sole was carved away and I was assured that the sole is VERY slow growing. They're estimating FOUR MONTHS till turnout. Greaaat.

Bandaging Riley was described as a "three person job" by the vet tech. One at the head, one holding the hoof, one applying the bandage. And that's under light sedation. It isn't so much that he's naughty (though he can be), but making it a fast procedure is easier on him and safest in terms of keeping the wound clean. Thank goodness I have good support back at the barn, and thank goodness the horny hoof growth should cover the soft tissue in about a month.

Oh, the video message
Here is a very brief video of Riley, you can see he's not as pathetic as the photo suggests. Can you find the something that is Not Quite Right about Riley? Put it in the comments to get a BTB pen and associated paraphalia!


  1. Hi, Stacey!
    I haven't commented before but really enjoy your blog. You're a great and entertaining writer, and I appreciate all the research you do. I'm a H/J rider but the dressage information is always good. And I love your equipment critiques!
    I'm glad Riley is doing okay in "jail," and hope his foot heals quickly. As far as something NQR, my guess is his cribbing collar (I believe a Miracle Collar?) isn't on correctly. Shouldn't the forward strap be in front of his ears, not behind?
    Again, best wishes for a speedy recovery to young Riley... and I hope Harv keeps his good streak going.

  2. Aww, what a ham! Get well soon, Riley!

  3. Is that, as LMM said, a Miracle collar? Does it work on Riley? I've never had any luck with any kind of cribbing device on my Toby. I finally just gave up. The Miracle Collar rubbed him and didn't do anything anyhow. *sigh*

    I was expecting to see major bandaging on that hoof. What a nice little packet of beautiful, wonderful Duct Tape!! What would we every do without it.

    OK 4 months is a long time. Widescreen TV? His own computer? A horsenal IPod? Books on tape? My friend's horse enjoyed a treat ball. Some people swear by those hanging treat thingies but they seem to disappear in a day here. A hanging plastic bottle with stones in it is fun.

    I guess the blog will soon become--"How To Entertain Riley in His Stall?"

    Seriously, I am delighted to see him looking so well and to hear that he seems to be pretty comfortable.

  4. Poor guy! At least he seems to be doing pretty well so far!

  5. I'm thinking that the "miracle collar" is probably Riley's ipod headphone jack, so he can get down and boogie on his own private 12x12 stage...?

  6. Poor Riley. The bandage didn't look nearly as bad as I had feared it could when you said three people had to do it.

    I know you'll be happy when he's home. Course...then...the real fun begins....

  7. I hope Riley feels better and heals quickly. As to the difference on Riley, is it that he now has small white spots on him? Or has always had them? Or did he just roll in some sawdust?

  8. Sigh. I don't suppose all that stall confinement will help his cribbing any. He does look good though!

  9. He's a stress cribber for sure -- and he wasn't cribbing at his new home barn, so hopefully when he gets home we can dispense with the strap.

    Hey, lost your marbles, send me your address and I'll send you the SWAG for guessing the thing out of place!

  10. Big hugs to you and Riley!

    Our aged Belgian gelding actually went through the same surgery to remove a very large keratoma (which took the max amount of coffin bone allowed with it).

    It is a long road to recovery for sure, but worth every moment. Zeus is still sound and happy at 32, his surgery was 5 years ago. He shows next to no evidence of the surgery.

    If you want pictures of what it looks like under the bandage, I think we have some shots as the healing progressed--probably a bit more scary looking due to the size of Zeus' feet(7 shoes).

  11. Hi capilet, I'd love to see photos, am wondering what to expect when the boy comes home! Thanks for offering...

    Those of you who guessed miracle collar misapplied, you won! Send me your address if you want the swag I promised...


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