Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 Day: A made-for-TV-movie?

Lately I've been wondering why there hasn't yet been a made-for-TV movie about the most extreme of equestrian sports, eventing. Like an equestrian version of Top Gun, the movie would have it all, adventure, courage, competition, and of course a little romance. Can't you just picture the romantic interest, the male rider that makes women swoon and horses fly? He'd look a little like a young Tom Cruise and have a sporty, cocky name to match his personality -- Something like... Nick Quick.

Well, think of another name, because there is already a Nick Cwick! And here he is...

The leading man -- er, rider
What I know about eventer Nicholas Cwick is basically what I've read on the COTH list and on a handful of Web sites. A featured rider on the 2009 Rolex Web site, he unfortunately scratched this year when his extravagant jumper Asterix was injured. The made-for-TV Nick Quick (the character in my mind) is handsome, unbeatable, and cocky. At 27, the real-life Cwick has likely outgrown any notions of his own invincibility/immortality (but then again, he's still an eventer). Actually the real life Nick appears to be devoted to teaching and his students, and recently offered a free clinic to celebrate his relocation from the West Coast to Georgia. According to one COTH poster, he'd be a great choice of trainer for the young eventer.

Apologies to Mr. Cwick, whom I've never laid eyes on, much less met. It's all in fun, and I hope to see him at Rolex next year...

Some info

Here's his web site.

He was a featured rider at Rolex.

Here is an article from Warmbloods Today -- Dare to change discipines


  1. International velvet- the sequel to National Velvet with Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor- is about Eventing. Not exactly made for TV but you can probably find it on dvd somewhere...

  2. And then there's the movie, "Sylvester" (1985) with Melissa Gilbert, another eventing flick. That's where, as I recall, someone says, "Watching dressage is like watching cement set."

    Another girl gets untamed horse and with love, determination, and the help of an old cavalryman becomes a champion 3 Day rider.

    I think I like your idea...handsome male heart throb....better. *lol*

  3. They need to make a movie movie about equestrians! Not one with Miley Cyrus flopping around on a horse pretending she can ride and making anyone who knows anything about riding horses have twitchy eyebrows in the theater.

    Eventing would be awesome. Such a intense sport.

  4. True there is International Velvet, of course after I saw it, I really wanted those two hours of my life back. A good horse movie seems to be hard to come by.

  5. I was thinking of Sylvestor when I read your post. I loved that movie, it introduced me to eventing when I was young.

  6. Yes, International Velvet and Sylvester both come to mind, as has been mentioned, but I agree that there's always room for more horsey movies. There are some movies out about steeplechasing adapted from Dick Francis books. See for more details. Maybe they should make a film about Dick Francis and his famous ride on the Queen's horse, Devon Loch. He was yards away from winning the Grand National race and Devon Loch kind of jumped and spreadeagled, landing on his belly. He was okay but they don't know why it happened.

  7. I think the 3 Day movie of Nick Quick is a GREAT idea! He's definitely had an exciting life and the ladies do swoon over him! I know him quite well!


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