Monday, September 28, 2009

Audacity at Devon: Saturday night freestyle

I was busy talking and shifting seats in the bleachers Saturday night, and didn't even look at the roster of horses for the night's freestyle. So imagine my surprise when the first competitor entered -- Audacity, the 15.1 Morgan owned and trained and ridden by Cindi Wylie. They were featured in my blog entry about non-traditional dressage horses some time ago. What a treat to see this pair under the lights of the Dixon Oval!

How'd they do? How'd they do?
Like a number of the competitors, Audacity was a little spooked by the lights and the audience. There were a few dicey moments, yes. But to my thinking Audacity's performance made a big statement in demonstrating relaxation, fluidity, lightness, and in being just plain agreeable. Unlike some of the other horses that night, the curb bit rested in a neutral position throughout, never pulled tight :-). Here is some video, with apologies in advance for the unsteady footage.

Part 1

Part 2

I liked the passage work, the trot and canter extensions, and the trot and canter half-passes especially. Congrats to this really special pair.


  1. I do like Audacity's general attitude, despite the spooks.

    I wish his rider gave a lighter feel in the seat. I get the feeling the horse would lift his back more and engage the hind end better if the rider were not sitting so "hard and back" in the saddle. Riding behind the vertical does not always drive a horse forward. Sometimes it's better to kind of lift the horse under you with your legs and let his back come up to your seat.

    It is great to see horses of non-traditional dressage breeding doing so well. It just goes to prove that it does not always require a big warmblood to be successful at Grand Prix.

  2. How cool to see a non-warmblood competing so well. Gives me hope for my short QH's. I especially loved your annotations during the videos. Very amusing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I want to thank anyone and everyone for there support to Cindi and Audi's success. The scores were not great but the comments from the judges were and if everyone knew what it took for Cindi get audi into the ring and keep him there was sure determination to be part of history. Cindi is my Sig. other and we appreciate all the press and emails from around the country congratulating her and calling them an imspiration to all in the dressage world. We don't even know what Audi's mother was as she was on her way to the slaughter house and a woman paid $400.00 for her and breed her to CJ a morgan stallion and from three days old Audi had the go button. Cindi was called to get him back in his stall and he wanted to kick her. But ever since then she has had him and trained him. He is now 12 years old. Again thamks to all

  4. Thank you for sharing the videos. I love seeing non-warmblood horses competing. I think she is a judge in my area. I don't tend to follow famous names very well. But I'm 90% sure.

  5. I LOVED that you posted this....I own a Morgan and saw the video that you put up of them on Youtube and just enjoyed it so much!!

    my Morgan is a spooky fellow too....lots of self preservation in those guys I think...

    I think this is one of the few times I have seen a non-traditional breed in the Grand Prix since I have been going outside of an Andalusian I think?

  6. Audi's veterinarian here... thanks for posting these videos and for all the support!

    Up on my veterinary soapbox: I'm convinced that Audi's lifestyle - which includes daily turnout with a friend and regular rolls in the mud - contributes to his success at this level. He is certainly a playful, contented horse around the barn.

    Audi and Cindi are both class acts and I'm very proud of them.

  7. Three cheers for turnout and for horses being horses!!!!

    Thanks Dr. Lisa for piping up, more people need to hear this.

  8. Am a friend and sometimes visitor to the Rosebrook Farm family barn in Georgetown MA - home of this pair. I have seen Cindy train Audi more than a few times and admire them both. I love that he is a Morgan X and from a damn that was nearly sent to the killers. They are an inspirational pair for all of us who love to see the "Off Breeds" do well in dressage. Congrats Cindy and Shorty!

  9. Cindi and Audi had a great outing at the Bear Spot Freestyle in Acton, MA yesterday: third place! Their coach, Sue Jaccoma, took second with Wadamur - a great day for the barn and lots of carrots afterwards.


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