Monday, October 5, 2009

Now the good news...

Riley was glad to be home (pictured right, just off the trailer). Although I gave you the bad news first (by accident), Riley's day 'o drama (Oct. 1) was rather undramatic. No surgery, no dire diagnosis. Some questions answered, but still a good deal of mystery. That said, the news is mostly good, thanks for the jingles and all jingle-type activity.

Here's the good news...

  • If there is a bone infection, it's low-grade, and they feel it's more likely to be infection of hoof tissue.
    • They superficially debrided some of the granulation tissue (it may have been causing pressure within the hoof). did an antibiotic perfusion (amakacin).
    • They injected the hoof hole with some kind of antibacterial packing (amikacin sulfate and infused collegen) that disintegrates (no need to remove it).
    • He gets a new antibiotic, one that is effective on bone infections. It is toxic to some humans (um, fatal to a small segment of the population, 1 in 45K). You're supposed to wear nitrile gloves and a face mask when administering it.

  • He got a new glue-on shoe and a hospital plate, no more bandaging! Picture on the right -- you can see some swelling in the pastern, most likely from all the procedures. He seems to be walking more comfortably in this glue-on, even though his LF is shoeless...
  • The new hoof growth is clean and it's coming in fast. He could be on turnout in a month to six weeks.
  • The pedal bone "area of concern" has not changed and it's believed to be non-significant.


  1. Whew, that sounds a lot better than your last post. Some really positive things going on here.

    That antibiotic is scary stuff! But I guess bone infections need dramatic efforts.

    Nice that the bandaging is over. It should make it easier on everyone, including Riley.

    Still cheering for you both.

  2. Really good news! He's looking pretty good. What antibiotic is it? - I'm interested in this stuff.

  3. Could there be a happy ending? I have my fingers, toes, and everything else crossed.

  4. Liquid Ambar, I'm counting on a happy ending -- think we just need more time...

  5. Those antibiotic perfusions are almost magical IME. Bet everyone is tickled with the hospital plate, too.

  6. Happy he is doing better! Fingers crossed!

  7. The hospital plate seems like a great solution. I'm glad that you've been given some good treatment, from the sounds of matters, so that Riley's body can concentrate just on getting better. Turnout soon? Woot!

  8. This is good news -- I'm very happy for you. Is the horizontal line just below his coronet band in that last picture showing the new hoof growth? Just curious.

  9. Hi Marissa, no, I'm not sure what that line is, it's gotta be a shadow b/c it is not really on his hoof. You can see the new growth as a 'ring' on this radigraph though, about 1/3 the way down the outline of the top of his hoof

  10. Great news! Whew.

  11. Glad to hear the good news. I bet you'll be glad when all this foot stuff is a thing of the past. It really is amazing at the advances they have made to fix our horses. I'm sure you won't miss the bandaging!

  12. Great news! I'm so glad things are looking up. From the photos, he looks to be in pretty good shape. Hope it continues on this way.


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