Monday, October 12, 2009

Riley the comeback kid (a must see video!)

Since Riley's 102 low-grade fever last Wednesday, his caretakers agreed -- he just wasn't right. Although a little bute stabilized his temp at 100, he was dull/glazed, his right pastern was swollen, and he clearly wasn't feeling well. I pulled him into the wash stall, where he normally gets wiggly and rammy. He stood listlessly with his head down while I changed his bandage--no signs of infection, at least. Over the phone, the vet guessed he had cellulitis from the antibiotic perfusion at NB. Since he is already on an antibiotic there was little to do but wait. Arrrgh!

On Saturday evening, the swelling was reduced, and I thought I saw a glimmer of the old Riley. Was I imagining it?

Sunday, the day of miracles!

At 8am I drove to the Riley's barn before going to see Harv. I could see the difference as soon as I opened the stall door. Riley was back! Rammy, invading my personal space, and generally being a nudge, he won't stand still to let me inspect his feet or take his temp. His hoof and pastern are more or less back to normal (no swelling). His temp is 99. Was I happy? You bet! I skipped and danced down the barn aisle (thankfully no one was around to witness), waving the thermometer and singing "Looks like we made it."

Yes, that would be Barry Manilow.

Let's get that image out of your head, shall we? Here's some footage of Riley...


  1. OK, for a minute there I thought all I was going to see were feet!! Then up pops the pretty boy looking just fine. I am so pleased for you.

    Sometimes, I guess the cure can have some pretty dramatic effects--and not always the ones we'd like to see.

    Now I guess it's just a matter of waiting it out to let the antibiotics do their good magic.

  2. That is wonderful to hear! I adore hearing about Riley and Harvey. My heart and prayers go out to you and his quick recovery, I am dealing with one of my babies being sick with heart worms, today is his first say of treatment. We do all we can but sometimes all we can do it wait and see.
    Just an FYI to your southern readers heart worm is on the rise, I only missed one month, they should be so careful.

  3. Scary! But so good that he's feeling better - that's a big relief!

  4. Glad to hear he's feeling better!

  5. So glad to hear he's better. I love when he turns and looks at you and then casually swings back to his hay. Fingers crossed that you're over the hump.

  6. Yay, Riley! I love hearing good news. :)


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