Friday, October 23, 2009

Think you're passionate about horses?

Sure, we say we're passionate about horses, but talk is cheap, and the word passion is bandied about quite a bit these days. The British comedian David Mitchell has a few things to say about the use (and misuse) of the word passion. This video is not horse-related, but it made me laugh till I cried.

Thanks to blogger/writer Nancy Friedman for the great post that inspired me to steal from her.


  1. Genius! Mitchell expresses my frustration with the word perfectly but with far more humor than I could muster.
    I call it the "P" word. For several years now, when some says "passion" on TV or radio, I change the channel. If I see it in print, I stop reading the article. It's so completely overused, and a perfect symbol of the dumbing down of language, where something becomes meaningless by mis-use and over-use.
    Many years ago, when people started using the "P" word indiscriminately, I thought it would stop after a couple years, and it's worse all the time.

  2. I can't stop laughing - that is too funny. Thanks for sharing!


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