Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dressage in blue: My equine wish list

Blue roan QH sold
I have always loved blue roans. A few years ago I saw a blue roan 2 year old Friesian/TB cross for sale -- it was as if the horse had been bred just for me. He was tall, and he looked like a very typey thoroughbred. He shared the same sire as Harvey (High Tribute); and to top it off, he was a striking blue roan, the kind that looks truly blue. Unfortunately he was in Washington state, and I already had two horses.

Anyhoo -- I am always on a quest for a nice true blue roan. Here are some blue roans who are doing dressage (or something like it).

100% Quarter Horse? That's what they say...

RPSI blue or bay roan mare, sold :-(

Grand Prix Morgan Caduceus Herod
(photo from

Nokota Horse owned by Jill Murray, Coatesville, PA
clipped from



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  1. I like Cody, Blue roans are very flashy... my weakness is buckskins as far as the non traditional dressage type goes.

  2. I always wanted a blue roan Belgian Brabant. They are as wide as they are tall. Met some in person(horson?) and they were even more awesome than in photos. Darling daughter wants a Nokota. I think that will be a Breyer, thank you very much.

  3. I know you're only looking but I would be very leery of the seller on that first horse. I've never seen a pure Quarter horse that cresty. He looks like he has Andalusian or Lusitano in him. Also not the best video I've seen . . . I mean can he do anything other than passage? He's a very beautiful horse, but I don't know that I would trust the seller and he was being ridden in a curb bit, so there's no telling what kind of training he's had.

    I like the mare though. Too bad she's sold. She looked to have a solid foundation on her. My guess is that she was young and should hopefully grow out of the head tossing.

    Good luck in your search for a blue roan. They are very pretty horses. :)

  4. That looks too appealing to me to be a quarter horse. My pardon quarter horse people. Looks like an Andalusian. I'm not so sure about 4.5 year olds passaging around either. Odd bridle too. Straight Pelham? Pretty horse though. I sure wouldnt throw him out of the barn!

  5. Now I just saw the Morgan. That's the one for me!

  6. The mare I part board looks bay from a distance. When you get closer, you see she has a lot of white hairs, but doesn't really look roan. And then you clip her, and she looks purple or silver. It's really quite something! I wonder what blue roans look like cliped?

  7. I board my horse at the same place as Edwin...he really is a gentle giant(17H). My horse was in with him for a short time..and would hide behind him, even at 16.2 H my horse would disappear.

  8. Blue roans are really special looking. I think at one point, I had a blue roan pony. It is really a pretty color and I hope you find one.

  9. Hey, which one is Edwin? The first picture?

  10. No, Edwin is the last video...he is still young...I think 4 or 5.

  11. I was wondering why a 4 1/2 year old would be "dancing" like that. Check out the 1:00 mark of the "trainers" other videos:

    That's a lot of things but dressage it ain't. Poor horse.

  12. Jesse, I'll be devil's advocate here. The video showed the horse learning piaffe between 2 poles, isn't that a classical technique? I'm not saying this guy is doing dressage for competition (he is trained by one of th medieval times trainers) but i'm thinking if a dressage judge saw that piaffe it would not get a bad score. The question is what ELSE can the horse do -- I see an awful lot of one movement. I suspect he is training for non-dressage people who are looking for less for dressage and more for tricks. I don't mean that as a put down. It would be interesting to see the horse to a dressage test...


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