Monday, November 23, 2009

Quaterback sons licensed!

ACK -- video no longer available, but...
Two sons of QUATERBACK have been licensed in Neustadt for breeding at the Körung des Pferdezuchtverbandes Brandenburg-Anhalt. The Champion of the Dressage stallions was out of a Kolibri - Vers II (Tk) dam. These are the first of his sons to be presented out of his first foal crop. There are others to come in Oldenburg next week.


Quaterback son Becomes 2009 Brandenburger Licensing Champion from

And for fun, here is a Quaterback stallion prospect in the U.S. (link shared with me by owner, Emily Keene).


  1. You do love that line. Great to hear some quality horses are recognized again.

  2. The first video is by invite only. Shucks...

  3. ooh my goodness, Quantum Leap is just gorgeous and his soccer ball video - to die for...thanks for sharing

  4. Well, it's annoying that the video is not available -- I did watch it, and while he is a wow! horse he is not the equal of his dad. Lovely in every way, and some of the gait mechanics, but not a cookie cutter by any means.

    I'm likin' that Quantum Leap baby, dying to see him grow up. The west coast needs a nice QB baby too!

  5. Quantum Leap appears to be well on the way to purely awesome like his father. Keep us posted if you get more videos or news from his owner, please!


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