Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday's silly quote...

"The horse stopped with a jerk and the jerk fell off..."
~Jim Culleton


  1. Not surprised on this one...look at the little itty bitty saddle and the short stirrups...add one rider who probably doesn't know what he's really doing and....

  2. Good way to start the day - with a LAUGH. Great (and apt) quote; thanks for the smile :o)

  3. That gave me a big laugh! Just hope the guy gets up and takes some lessons.

  4. Sigh... Thanks for the early morning chuckle! I tweeted your post and it's being enjoyed by many horse lovers! (That IS a tiny saddle!)

  5. I obtained a big old thoroughbred from a man who was a terrible drunk and could no longer take care of him. He had a great retirement with my family. Put a kid or a beginner on him and he was the classic kind old gelding. Rowdy had been in many rodeos and knew his limitations and riders' limitations. I was told that if anyone spurred him to a task he wasn't prepared for, or jerked his mouth once too often or had had too many beers, he knocked the rider off with a buck or a quick stop and jogged away. He wasn't mean, but he defended himself. He was a good old gelding and lived past 30.


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