Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Holiday singalong for equestrians

Thanks to Christel Nelson (Facebook friend and BTB reader) for getting the ball rolling with the idea of putting equestrian spin on old Christmas tunes. Here's my attempt, Christel's is next...

I'm beginning to feel a lot less solvent
To the tune of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

I'm beginning to feel a lot less solvent
Ev'ry check I write;
Take a look at my empty purse, savings account is worse
These Christmas bills, there seems no end in sight.

I'm beginning to draw on my life savings
for a shopping spree
buying Christmas gifts left and right, cuz it's possible I might
win the lottery

A pair of Ariat boots with a side zip (too cute!)
is a wish list item of mine
Bob hates to shop and I can't pick them up
Cuz my master card was declined
And Harv and Riley vet bills make me want a swig of wine

I'm beginning to trim the horse expenses
To get through the yule
I put Riley on cheaper feed with carbs that he doesn't need
And Harv is treatless, this is so not cool.

I'm beginning to feel a big bah humbug!
Losing all my zen,
Please exempt me from Christmas time, reason being is that I'm

Now Christel's!

To the tune of 'White Christmas'

I'm dreamin' of a new horse barn
Just like the ones in magazines
With insulation
and good ventilation
and pipes that will not ever freeze

I'm dreamin' of a new horse barn
With every bale of hay I feed
May your barns be merry and cleaned
And may your horses have all that they need


  1. So creative! I'll have to think if I can come up with something half that clever!

  2. I love yours Stacey! So true, especially this time of year!


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