Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tales of Harv and Skippy

Bob and I are out at the barn, and we watch as Harv and Skippy share a Himalayan salt rock -- Harv licking from inside his stall, Skippy from his little enclosure adjacent to Harv. It was adorable. Suddenly Harv swings his head around the dutch door and air bites at Skippy. Skippy makes a hasty retreat to the opposite corner of his pen and turns his back end to Harv. Harv is vigorously shaking his head, ears pinned.

Me: Wow, what got into Harv?

Bob: [pausing] Well, you know.

Me: No. I don't.

[ Bob tries to entice Skippy from the corner with some hay]

Bob: Skippy's into Harv for almost 100 grand. Harv's been letting it ride. But it's not cool.

Me: What? How does Skippy owe Harvey 100K?

Bob: Gambling. He's lost money at The Sands.

Maybe ya had to be there
We crack each other up. At the unlikeliest moments Bob will make up goofy stories of Harv's life. Harv golfing with Tiger Woods. Harv getting calls from Alan Greenspan. Skippy's ties to a drug cartels. Harv and Skippy watching Animal Planet.

Stacey: [looking at cellphone pix of Harv and Skippy] Could we make a kids book with this material? We'd have to get a real camera if we wanted to publish something.

Bob: People make a ton of money from a good children's book.

Me: There hasn't been a good horse book lately.

Bob: The big horse and the little sidekick? Kids eat that up.

Me: Do you think we could come up with some stories that don't involve drugs and gambling?

Bob: [Looking over at Harv and Skippy] No. Probably not.


  1. OMG - that's too funny as my husband & I do same thing with our horses/donkeys/dogs/cats. We even give them voices to go with personalities. Most of them aren't appropriate for children's books either ;-0

  2. LOL... I love these stories. My favorite was when Harv's limo showed up to collect him. Tell Bob he makes me laugh out loud every time.

  3. Skippy Makes my have convoulsions from the cute! His tounge is about as long as his head!!! LOVE IT!

  4. I was going to email you this link to let you know you're SO not alone, then remembered you approve each comment individually (so I'll go ahead and do it this way :o) Blankie's Story
    Since Squidoo is one of our fund raising venues (we're a non-profit) and page visits are a big help, you are more than welcome to use the link as a follow up post (although I readily admit that my sense of humor is a little "out there" sometimes...)

  5. Sam and I have stories. Old Sam is of Hoota Hotta fame but he won't admit it. It's a rumor and I heard that he belongs to the Herr Mahjor Network but don't tell anyone, he wants to keep it a secret.

    "You don't know where you heard this .... Please!"

  6. OMG that was a good morning funny! Thanks for sharing. And your donkey, is that Skippy?, is just adorable!

  7. LOL - lots of adult women would get a big kick out of a Harv/Skippy book living the dangerous life though!

  8. LOL Nope you didn't have to be there. This cracked me up!

  9. I had a feeling Skippy has been up to No Good during his spare time!

  10. Hilarious! My brother graduated from Philadelphia College of the Arts with a degree in children's illustration....I could put in a good word for you! You may have a kickin' idea...but I would leave out the gambling and drug cartels! LOL.


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