Friday, January 8, 2010

Farrier/vet update, Part 1

The hospital plate which
I've grown to hate
The farrier/vet visit
Took place on this date
How long I await,
I can't overstate,
how I anticipate
getting rid of this PLATE.

"So can we negate
the hospital plate?"
They say "No, we must wait."
"Is there room for debate?"
"The hoof must aerate!"
"No, The plate helps his gait."

"But my mental state
you must placate,
And the plate has no mate,
so his walk is not straight!"
"Let us firmly restate,
We must keep the plate."

Soon it is too late
and they reinstate
the plate I berate
Now the plate is my fate.
I'll go nuts at this rate.
I hate the plate.

The plate is an ASS!


  1. Fantastic job of keeping the rhyme!! Although it does somehow remind me of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Bells," with the constant repetition....of course, he was probably going mad at the time. *lol*

    Frustrations abound
    'Til Riley is sound.
    By then you'll have found
    How that plate can you hound
    As it lingers around.

    I shan't go on as it would just get worse....*G*

    I guess it's a matter of better safe than sorry in this case? Maybe at the next shoeing. *sigh*

  2. I went nuts on a regular padded shoe that was on for 5 weeks. I can't imagine the type of plate he has on!

    I was highly entertained by your poem... Alas I am not as creative as you or Jean, so no more verses from me here!

  3. Jean, that's excellent -- I was thinking of The Raven.


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