Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year's Eve tale (er -- tail?)

Bob and I went to see the horses in the late afternoon on New Year's Eve. We saw Harv and then to see Riley. All seemed well, although Harv seemed restless. It was almost as if he was anxious for us to leave.

On our way home we pass I-78 (which goes right into NYC). There, in front of us at a stop light, was a familiar white limo [photo captured on my cellphone]. I pointed it out to Bob.

Me: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Bob: "It's Harv's limo! He must be is on his way to Times Square."
Me: "We may have made him late."
Bob: [checking his watch] "He must have changed his mind about the CNN co-hosting gig."
Me: "With Kathy Griffin?"
Bob: "Yup. He'll need a police escort to make it in time, and even then..."

Kathy Griffin didn't like being stood up -- she was dropping the f-bomb the whole evening, I hear. Sorry Kathy. Our bad...


  1. This explains so many things about the New year's Eve show...

  2. No wonder Harv was anxious that you were staying too long.

    I love Bob's sense of humor.

  3.'s all starting to make sense now.....

  4. I've always suspected our horses have secret lives. How else do you explain the crooked blankets and halters all over the aisle each morning? You KNOW they barely got back into their blankets after partying all night!

  5. Crazy story! Alas, poor Kathy!
    Bad yous!!


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