Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rolex road trip

Readers will recall that I cancelled my flight to Rolex because they changed my itinerary to leave six hours earlier than the original flight. Well, a month later I STILL have not received a refund from United. It turns out that the refund request never made it to United (system error). Orbitz explained that they had to "reset the clock" on my 21 business day refund, and it will take ANOTHER 21 business days. Oh, REALLY???? A chat with the supervisor brought this down to 7 business days. I've probably made 5-6 phone calls and spent 5-7 hours on the phone to get this resolved.

Forget flying -- come DRIVE with me!
So I'm delighted to be driving instead. Ten hours of driving. I am not a fan of driving but it's got its perks. How is this much, much better than flying? Let me count the advantages (mostly having to do with trunk space)...

  • Unlimited shopping -- just so it fits in the trunk
  • Unlimited weather apparel -- will have room to bring every kind of rain gear, wind/cold protection, umbrella, etc.
  • Room for a portable chair
  • Books on tape
  • Ipod shuffle-capable car
  • Carpool possibility (anyone going from East Central PA?)
  • Rosetta stone language learning (I should be fluent in German by the time I arrive in Lexington)
  • No flight delays, probably same travel time
  • A newly scheduled TACK SWAP among COTH bulletin board members at La Quinta Inn on Friday.
I am already so psyched about this trip.


  1. And you can keep your shoes on. Flying is just miserable these days. It should be grand!

  2. Flying is becoming a lot more of a hassle and a lot less fun these days. Your plan sounds awesome, especially with a trunk to haul back the schwag that you score!

  3. I'm not keen on long drives either, but I also am not keen on flying, so the car's my way of getting places.

    Another perk. You can also stop on the way, take a break, get out, enjoy the scenery, shop at some neat little fascinating store you see along the way, and simply dilly dally all you please.

    Oh, yeah, and nobody checks your bags for nail files. *G*

  4. Driving to the Rolex is definitely the way to go-some friends of mine and I did this a few years back and it was great for all of the reasons listed; especially the shopping! Good on ya!

  5. I prefer to drive rather than fly. You get to see the country and experience people, places, and things that you don't get flying. Also, if you are traveling with someone, you get to actually have conversations.

  6. Sounds sweet! I'd be up for joining you if I lived up that way! Sounds like a great time. Hope you have fun!

  7. I have heard flying is a mess right now good decision. Lexington isn't that far away. You can take the scenic route and enjoy the few. You will probably be driving through some pretty areas if the weather hold up alright. Have a great time! Wish I was going!


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