Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saying our goodbyes: Blue Hors Matine

We've lost Blue Hors Matiné. I can hardly add to the moving tributes that are appearing on the Internet in response to her passing. But here are some random thoughts...

I'm sad she left us at such a young age, I'm sorry she never had a foal, and I regret that she died of a traumatic injury rather than passing peacefully. Yet what a wonderful, lovely mare, and how lucky we are to have witnessed her brilliance in the ring. Watching her perform just brought me joy, what else is there to say?

It's comforting to think that in retirement, Matiné enjoyed the life of a normal horse, turned out in a pasture, with a horsey buddy. A lot of valuable horses never, or rarely, experience that natural state of existence. It's a risk, and Matine's sad ending is a testament to what can happen. But if what I've read is true, I'm glad she got to jes' be a horse.


  1. So sad when something like that happens. It makes you realize how fragile horses can be, even the ones worth a fortune and cared for by experts in the finest situations.

    I remembered her being pulled from competition because of an injury but I didn't realize she had been fully retired...and at only 13.

    RIP, beautiful girl.

  2. Such a tragic loss, but she left us a legacy of what dressage can look like. She will always be my ideal.

  3. Beautiful photo and lovely tribute.

  4. So very sad. We have one of their competition clips on our "Horse Heroes" page; it's brilliant. The two of them were far more than just horse and rider, they were a team.

  5. Sad news on a friday :(.

    I bet her owners are devastated, my heart goes out to them.

  6. A very nice tribute (and photo) for a lovely horse! She will be missed by many.

  7. so sad! gave me tears in my eyes.

    She was a breath of fresh air in a sport with so many heawy compact stallions,she was such a beautiful elegant horse, that brought lightness and great rythm to dressage.
    I'm sure she would have contributed with amazing new horses to this world if she'd had more time.

    A great loss to world of dressage.


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