Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay, so I like watching horses acting up...

Michael Gill update: Now PETA is involved (Lord help us)

It's fun to watch them misbehave as long as no one is hurt...


  1. This for people who think riding is a sissy sport...Glad no one was hurt.

    As to the first fall, I took an almost identical header off a bank jump myself. There was a jump on top of the bank and my horse had never done one of those, so he stopped and I kept going. I ended up at the bottom, facing him, so I must have somersaulted. Like the horse in the video, his bridle was off and, since the bank was not as high, I was still holding the reins.

    Back in the day, they used to let you remount to finish the cross country. I did, went at the bank again and nearly repeated the mess. I never did finish the whole course as we ran into another problem and had a refusal, but they still let me go on and we jumped the last 6-7 fences cleanly and beautifully.

    That event convinced me I was going to retire from eventing and become a dressage rider. Too bad as the good fences were WONDERFUL!! *S*

  2. I am totally impressed that second rider held on so long, and over a jump!

  3. That second one ... wow. Bad time for him to take off. :D
    A former trainer of mine told me, that a horse took off with her once, when she was taking off her vest. Her arms were pinned behind her by the vest, so grabbing the reins became a bit difficult. ;)
    Every time I take off a sweater or jacket while mounted, I pray my horse doesn't get spooked in that moment.

  4. It's amazing to me that first horse didn't take off with the bridle hanging off his face like that. What a good boy! Or girl, as the case might be.

    That second horse needs a come to Jesus meeting. That and refresher course in Standing To Be Mounted.

  5. That first video shows why I disagree about the point you make in the falling off post about letting go of the reins. Holding the reins may have saved that rider from a very nasty head/spinal injury as it caused her to flip and land on her other end.

    I was told as a kid to hold the reins, but let them go once you hit the ground. No point getting dragged! That's exactly that this rider has done.

    The second video.. WOW!!

  6. In the first video, there's a moment when the rider is standing below the bank and looking up at her horse who is looking down with this big innocent expression on his face, and the rider kind of shakes her head in exasperation? frustration? hopelessness? laughter? Anyway, it was kind of cute, and indicative of the situation. I agree with the person who said hang onto the reins until you land and then let go. That's what I was taught too.

    OK, the second video? That's a naughty horse. A really, really naughty horse. And that's an excellent rider with very large cojones to stick on, through a big buck and over a jump. Wow. Naughty horse. Brave rider.

  7. First Horse does a good job standing by for his rider. I was taught to hang on to the reins when falling. Once I lost the reins when I fell on a trail ride and the horse ran home.
    Second horse needs to learn some manners - but the rider stayed on longer than I expected.

  8. I totally agree with the comment about the rider and the horses sharing a little "special" moment in the first video. It was a little funny when they both seemed to look at each other like "aww mannn..." Smart horse though, he definitely slipped jumping up onto the bank and if he would have kept going I feel like the fall would have been a lot more tragic for both horse and rider.

    As for the second video, what a great rider to hang off the side of the saddle over a jump! And I definitely agree with hls...what a naughty horse! Although I think that the fact that he suddenly had something (or someone for that matter) hanging off his side probably spooked him even more after the original spook set him off.

  9. In the first video, I think that horse behaved very well! And in the second video, while that's a very entertaining bit of rodeo riding, I hope someone asked 'why' it happened. Was it really bad manners? Could be that some thing badly spooked it from the right, maybe more schooling IS needed, or maybe a visit from the saddle fitter or chiropractor is in order. Interesting to speculate.


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