Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gaga for grazing: Unintentionally funny?

Harv will graze through almost anything -- but I'm not sure he'd be as oblivious as the horse in this OPM video. OPM stands for Opium Horse Natural Horsemanship Training -- it may be a serious business, or it may be a spoof -- but at any rate, this video is a hoot.  I'm thinkin' it tells me more about the horse than the training.

If that guy (or ANY guy) approached me with a chainsaw, I'd run.


  1. OMG, Personally I'd like my horse to respond very quickly to chainsaws, mountain lions, and screaming people. He's probably got faster reflexes than I do....

  2. Ok the guy screamed I seriously almost peed a little XD hahaha

    I am guessing this might be a deaf horse? Hahaha.

  3. I think it's interesting that they call that "Natural" Horsemanship... Wouldn't the "natural" thing be for the horse to at least spook a little?

    Personally, I think this stuff takes some of the personality out of the horse. So horses spook, it happens...

    I agree with the other posters, I'd be running the other direction if someone came near me with a chainsaw! :)

  4. Haha, that horse is braver than me!! He's almost a little... too bomb proof for me...

    And I agree, maybe he is a deaf horse... xD

  5. The horse "looks" as if he's alive, but I am beginning to suspect some subtle robotic replacement.

    Or else he's just so hungry he ignores everything but the grass??? *G*

    My horse would have long been "outta there!!"

  6. Nope, my mare would've been right beside this horse:

    "GRASS! I love this stuff! Nom nom nom , hey, guy over there nom nom nom doin' weird nom nom stuff nom nom nom nom nom ...."

    Now, a Dorito bag, that's totally different. Those things are SCARY. She would totally explode if that weird guy threw an empty Dorito bag at her. Mare isn't stupid, she just has priorities.

  7. O.M.G.
    this horse is probably deaf, or this person has some epic skills with the special effects. i do not know of a horse that would just stand still and eat while having a firework go off 3ft behind its butt. I'm supposed to be a "predator" animal by nature, and i would be long gone!

  8. umm, does anyone know what opium actually is? it's the main ingredient is morphine, and is illegally made into heroin. its probably a spoof, someone found a deaf horse and decided to make a joke. I think they were hinting that the horse was drugged, and that you, too, can achieve this with the help of drugs !

  9. I compete in Cowboy mounted shooting events and my horses are pretty much the same as this horse because of the way we train them to get used to noises. WE shoot .45 caliber blank ammunition from the back of our horses to pop balloons from under 20 ft away and don't have any spooky horses.

    As for the comment that the "Natural thing" for the horse to do was to Spook a little, He did. Didn't you see the occasional jerking quick lifting of his head. That horse was not completely comfortable with those noises.

  10. Dunappy, I watched a "cowboy" video where the trainer said in a neutral voice that when he worked with dressage horse problems, like spooking, he found that for the most part "they weren't broke."

    Some trainers may focus on competition training and not so much the basics of desensitizing.

  11. From an entertainment perspective, I'd say it was pretty funny. From a reality standpoint, I'd say I don't think so. I'd go with Sydney's speculation that the horse is deaf. Why? No ear flick. We have loonies on four-wheelers to the left of us, and a school bus on the right. Even though these things don't scare the horses, there is always an acknowledgment of the sound via ear flick.
    Personally, I think the whole bomproofing thing is a crock anyway. I'm much more interested in teaching our horses what to DO if they see something scary, than to try to expose them to "everything". You could expose them to 9,998 things but it would be thing #9,999 that came up on trail or at the show (so what was the point?) Of course now I'm curious to know how many brainless wonders there were out there that saw this video and decided to "try this at home", only to get flattened by their fleeing Flicka :o)

  12. Opium Horse sounds like a synonym of "drug mule".

    I'm afraid to go to their website. Anyone else?

  13. Horses will get used to pretty extraordinary things, and still spook at others. My rather hot tempered guy is used to tractors and leaf blowers because we use them around the farm. You can blow a leaf blower right between his legs and he won't get nervous. He'll ride donuts around a tractor.

    But he'll find imaginary boogie men in the corner of the arena to spook at.

  14. Very funny! I almost died laughing when the 4 wheeler raced past and the fireworks got shot off! As for the video, I might believe that the horse really is just that quiet...Our horses at home get exposed to 4-wheelers all the time (because we have them and ride them through the fields) and therefore they never even twitch when they hear them because they know the ATV has never hurt them. Also, we've shot off fireworks on our property too. After the first one, the horses stop reacting. Don't forget that videos can be edited, so I'm sure that this wasn't the first time this horse had seen or heard any of those things! Still was highly entertaining!!

    P.S. how do you embed videos into you post like that?

  15. Holy smokes! That girl is barefoot! My dad would've banned me from the barn for a month but then again I was never dumb enough to try! Pretty funny vid to pick apart with friends!

  16. lol I laughed out loud at the screaming too.

  17. That guy's scream was priceless!

    The horse was not wearing a rope halter, so I am guessing "spoof".

    Watch the horse's ears; he is definitely not deaf, but I do think that he would like to put an ad in the paper for new employment.


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