Saturday, March 20, 2010

Harv has the last laugh

So for a few days I contemplated Harv having his first significant sign of aging -- ringbone.  Thanks all for the encouraging words about ringbone, but it I've seen it, and it ain't for sissies. The word degenerative says it all. I worried that this would be the beginning of a gradual decline. My poor old boy.

What the vet found...
As it turns out, Harv had the last laugh. Sure, he's lame, but it's not the injury of some old dude, it's an athletic injury (Harv would want me to point this out).  Like the weekend warriors at the gym, Harv just plain overdid it. He pulled the distal sesamoid ligament, which extends from  the sesamoid bone (at the back of the fetlock) to the back of the pastern. Do you remember a blog post about Harv running around in deep snow in mid Feburary? Hmmmm.

While pulled tendons/ligaments can be a b*tch, at least it's an acute-type injury and not a degenerative condition. And apparently Harv's situation is not considered serious.  That tendon will be more injury prone in the future, but it should heal.

Harv's leisurely spring
The treatment  light turnout, no running (Hear that Harv?), and 3 grams of bute a day for five days, then 2 grams for a few weeks.  The vet even said I could ride him at a walk!   I'm supposed to report back to him in a month. I asked about some of the fancy treatments for tendon injuries, but Dr. B---- waved me off. Overkill. Even Equioxx was an unnecessary expense in his book.

Heck, I'll take it. Harv, you're not off the hook as a riding horse quite yet. Sorry ;-).


  1. Harvey continues to impress us with his athletic and active ways. But he really ought to stop playing in the snow like a kid, you're right!

  2. Crap--that's a ton of bute! No matter what the vet says, I would seriously consider using Equioxx instead. If you really want to use bute, at least put Harv on aloe vera juice.

  3. Whoo-hoo! What good news!

  4. All right, Harv! Impressive injury to say the least--no common old man stuff for you. Then again, if you hadn't been trying out those new downhill skis.....

    Glad to know Harv will recover. Super news!

  5. I'm relieved it wasn't something more serious. I had my fingers crossed for Harv!

  6. Harv isn't done just yet! Hehe.

  7. sarah, I agree. Harv has been on a gram of bute a day for years, though. I'll back him off it he reacts and do the Equioxx.

    I really love equioxx -- Riley has never even HAD bute. Just equioxx.

  8. Very good news.
    Please do not rule out checking the balance of his feet. Enthusiastic jaunts on unbalanced feet can make horses, young or old, prone to injuries above the hoof. I am thinking in terms of aiding the healing process and preventing future injury.
    Harvey looks about absolutely wonderful on the lunge line! What a great horse and friend.


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