Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lip service: The weekly comments of note!

We had some really notable comments this week from readers -- I mean ROFL and LOL. I really should point out great comments more often:

Response to my post about the "light-up" boots from Bar-F:

Hollyn said... "Uh... I looked at this and my first thought was, no concidence that the company is called Bar-F (barf)..."

 Response to the post about rider injuries and helmet safety:
Anonymous said "word verification: reptini - a snake-like pasta? LOL"

I am looking for a utility that lets readers rate or vote on comments. Anyone seen this?


  1. Haven't seen such a utility, but when your readers are as clever as we are....ahem....there ought to be. *G*

    These so-called words we have to type in are often such a strange conglomeration of letters I get them wrong. The human mind does have its limits in recognizing illiterate patterns.

    Today, mine is "readspor." Guess I will be out tracking beasts tonight.

  2. I haven't noticed one for comments, but blogspot does have one for posts!


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