Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet the horses of Hawaii!

Hah! Not really. This horse isn't wearing a grass skirt. This is a patented 1896 vintage fly cover/fly sheet, which, as it happens, is made with Mexican grass and wire.

The idea of covering a horse with grass is amusing, but the author states that he "desires it to be distinctly understood" that the patent encompasses other materials such as fringe. Guess this takes us from the Edwardian era to the twenties!

I can't imagine this working on every horse. Riley would be reaching down and tearing off mouthfuls of grass.


  1. The old "flysheets" used by draft horses were strips of leather woven into patterns with dangling strands.

    Somehow, I can't picture a hay flysheet making it very far with any of my Boys either.

  2. We have fringe for our driving horses in fish fly season. They work well though they are made of material, not grass.

  3. The horse in the illustration wouldn't be able to reach the grass due to the overcheck he has on; perhaps it is intended for harness use only?


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