Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Failing your way to success: Remington's story

If you look at the final standings, you'll see that Remington XXV placed 12th at Rolex this year with rider Boyd Martin. It's a noteworthy accomplishment as Remi is kind of an unlikely event horse. Why?

  • He's a warmblood with dressage bloodlines, in a sport dominated by thoroughbreds and Irish-breds. 
  • He's quiet and a nice guy -- no "fire in the belly."
  • He's "failed a few pre-purchase exams" in his day.
A 1996 Hanoverian, Remi was originally imported from Germany to be a dressage prospect. His sire is Rubenstein I, one of the "big three" dressage sires but not known for jumping. Well, Remi's owners tried dressage, but it didn't work out (not sure why). Remi was foxhunted for a few years before he was sent to Boyd Martin. The plan was to give him some mileage and maybe go as high as Prelim.

Warmbloods can be difficult to get fit, and Remi was no exception. Martin says in his blog, "he’s been the one horse that no one expected to do anything in his career – except for Densey Juvonen, his owner." Certainly no one considered him 4 star material. Jimmy Wofford declared that Remi had the same chance of winning Rolex this year as last year (he didn't compete last year). Humpf! But then, comments like that can be motivating :-).

Remington rocks Rolex!
Twelth place, Mr. Wofford? Who's smiling now? Not too shabby!

If you know your dressage stallions you'll note that Remi is very much like his daddy  Rubenstein. Rubenstein is a sire that "stamps" his get with a signature head and neck and often his dark bay color. Oh, did I mention that Riley's mom is by Rubenstein? Maybe that's why this story has me so jazzed.


  1. Yay, Remington! I think Hanoverian.com says it all:

    Why choose to ride a Hanoverian?

    You recognize it in an instant...

    The Brilliance... The Power...

    The Hanoverian Horse.......

    The product of decades of devotion

    to exacting, selective breeding

    resulting in performance horses

    with exceptional temperaments,

    physical harmony and athletic


  2. When a horse wants to do cross country, it's clear as day to the rider/trainer. Remington has found his place in the horse world and he looks absolutely devoted to his choice.

    What a great story....as are the once below. And I gotta love an OTTB.

  3. I would love to ride that horse. He is awesome! I was at Rolex and enjoyed watching all of Boyd's rides. Thanks for sharing this story!

  4. Can a non-horse person ask a question? What function does that white "hat" on the horse have? Thanks

  5. I think the "hat" is to help muffle the noise for spookier horses -- sometimes the ears are stuffed with cotton or lambswool and then the earnet goes over the top.

    In the summer it offers fly protection. Am I right on this guys?

  6. Wow! I love Remington's floaty way over the jumps. Absolutely beautiful.


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