Friday, April 2, 2010

Harv slurps at the fountain of youth

Well, he's been off bute for about a week and he is travelling sound in the pasture and on the lunge line -- albeit I'm not pushing him for any big steps. I'll probably ride him at the walk tomorrow. You've gotta love these thoroughbreds, they just never say die.

Riley, who has been under saddle now for a week, has had slightly swollen hind legs--just a few inches of warm, soft swelling above the fetlock. The weather has been awful and he's been in from Sunday to Thursday. His front legs are clean and tight, at least. The farrier is coming this am,  so I'll probably ask about shoes.

He's now being trotted off the lunge line, and if all goes well he may be in a clinic with Felicitas Von Neumann on May 7.  She's coming to our farm :-).


  1. Glad they are both doing well, or at least doing better

  2. Good news!

    Have you tried a poultice on the back legs? That might just do the trick.

  3. Glad to hear Harv is doing well! And I'm exciting to hear Riley is going off the longe. Keep us updated!


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